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Yesterday was a big day for my music side of life.


I bought my first drumkit :). Its a Gretsch Renown Maple worth over NZD $3000, with a $380 Pearl Sensitone snare, which means I have two snares now. I don't have any "good" cymbals yet, but I will be getting Sabian AAX cymbals. I got a full set of Rockbag Premiums with it too (at half off :D, except for the snare bag which is a Deluxe model).




And my channel on youtube (still no videos yet):



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Actually, both of the houses next door where built by my dad (including our current one). One is still being finished, the other has an elderly couple living there (from Switzerland, originally). Dad is a stainless steel fabricator by trade (about 25 years now).


Volvo, the only thing I banged before I got this kit was my dual 8 inch subs, 100 watts each :D.


Donta, thats carpet to put on my sub boxes (still haven't done it yet). Those boxes contain empty cd cases (about 50), my movies and PS2 games. Plus several issues of Silicon Chip magazine (about 2 1/2 years worth). That black box houses my cds. I should really get around to either selling or throwing out most of the stuff I don't use anymore.


Shamus, thats one huge drumkit :o. I can barely play my own kit let alone one like that. Chad Smith is great, btw.

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Yes, its been forever, but I thought an update is in order.


My drum kit now features Sabian AAX Stage cymbals. 14" hats, 2x 16" crash, 18" crash, 20" ride and a 8" splash. And I have special ordered a 10x8 drum, still waiting for the shipment, should be in by the end of August. Hopefully a picture to come soon.

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