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Amazon.com does HD buyers a solid...


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If you bought an HD-DVD player before 23 Feb 2008, you should check the email account you used to sign up for Amazon. I received an email with a coupon code for $50 worth of merchandise (natch, I spent $30 more, :whistling: ).


So, if, like me, you got hosed by Time-Warner's decision and Toshiba's surrender, you should have $50 bills waiting for you in your in-box. The offer expires in April 2009. I have no idea if this applies to Canada, Australia, NZ, or the UK.


But I'm quite happy with Bezos for doing this. I've been an Amazon customer for 11 years now (and I've spent thousands, probably more than $10 grand during that time) and they've always been great to do business with.


So check you're email account. You just might have a $50 goodie waiting for you.

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