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Street crime out of control in UK


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This article is absolute wild--UK police warning citizens to stay in-doors at night because of soaring street crime rates, a large part of it committed by roaming gangs of Clockwork Orange type juvenile thugs terrorizing people with knives and guns.


Time is a far left, anti-gun, anti-self-defense magazine ("gun control" is the euphemism most frequently employed by the gun-banners) . This story doesn't come from the NRA or any consevative (right-wing) or self-defense advocacy group. In fact, Time is stridently anti-conservative, anti-war on terror, anti-Bush, pro-Hillary, etc.


So, my British cousins, does this story agree with your experiences? (I mean that in no figurative sense; my last five British relatives were killed fighting the Nazis in WW2; all were members of "The Few" and all died in that unparalleled example of bravery, whilst we were sitting on our arses on the sidelines watching Hitler hammer the shit out y'all.)




"Britain's Mean Streets"


by Catherine Meyer


Jason Steen isn't an obvious target for muggers. The 40-year-old heads his own company advising on mergers and acquisitions, and usually strides through life like a Master of the Universe. This evening, though, he looks shaken. Two days earlier, he was accosted outside his central London home by eight kids

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This kind of stuff is the main reason I have stayed away from this board for a while. I hoped things may have changed, seems not. ;)


If I want political rants I will go to one of the huge amount of boards that are set up for that kind of crap. :/

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