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This soft kick some serious ass


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Been using nero and others for years and then one day needed a software that could burn a pretty weird image file (something like .daa or even weirder).. so I found imgBurn and used it for quite awhile for image burning.


Then there was new features in ImgBurn so I started using it to burn hard drive files (oh god, thanks for the root folder feature, that make things so much easier). Now I just burned a video DVD without knowing if it would work.. and it did, brilliantly. I'm speechless, this can't be. THE PERFECT BURNING SOFTWARE!


I like the space calculator, just great. MUCH cleaner than nero.

I like the way the software detects mistakes or guess what you want and then ask you if it was right doing so.. just awesome.

Simple, yet I can't find one thing not available.

Huge configuration, man there was a lot of time dedicated doing this. Not sure it's really useful for most users, but hey, when you need it it's there! most burning software doesn't understand that 1% situation when you need very deep control. ImgBurn give you that.


I have been burning dvd for quite a while now using 1 gigabit (cheap cards) network, without a single problem. Buffers fills and empties when they should, very predictable. This is good.


I must be honest, I don't know how someone could say this soft doesn't deserve a donation.. :blink:


thanks for your hard work Lightning UK, this is pretty amazing, no more bloatware, thanks god.


All software should be like this, small and optimized. Simple yet let power user dig until they are happy.



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