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Funny Quotes in Status Bar


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I looked to see if anyone had asked this (only because I think it is somewhat silly, but might be worthwhile) and didn't see anything. Would LUK! (and the beta team) be willing to take suggestions for funny quotes to include in the Status Bar when ImgBurn opens up? Obviously, which ever ones they choose to include would be at their discretion.


BTW, I was watching Family Guy last night and heard the line where Stewie says "Oh, I feel so deliciously white trash. Mummy, I want a mullet!" That's what reminded me of this.



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Oh, OK. Never thought to look in the 'Chat' section of the forum.

I wouldn't put comments in, it would remove the professionalism of the program, basically degrade it.


Also that chat page, showed me some of the members sigs and avatars. Oh dear, I can't tell users to come to the forum as well !

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Just what are you looking for? We have 11k+ members in this forum and countless millions of users of this highly regarded and wonderfully free product that the :worthy: Boss :worthy: has seen to both create and maintain. We've been here for years, come from all over the globe, dedicate a great deal of our free time to helping useres understand and use the program and, every now and then, someone comes along that wants us to change what we do to fit their needs because they want to use the Bosses creation to fulfill a need that they have. This forum runs under LUK's command and rules, and, when people get out of line, be they member or Beta, he corrects their actions. No one requires anyone to come here, no one requires anyone to stay away unless they really manage to create a problem. Avatars, signatures and the rest are a part of who we are and it's really a matter of taking it or leaving it....because grousing about the way we are is just going to turn your experience here into something that you really don't want. :/

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Possibly it has been covered by previous members.


Although you have decided (as a board, and also the maker of the program, LUK you say)

That your Avatars and sigs are OK for you guys here (and thousands of your members)


Be aware that due to these images and wordings (some explicit)

I cannot ask users to come to your forum to ask any questions, unless I feel that the user would not mind such profoundably, of which in most cases I would not recommend.


I have over 6000 posts myself on one present board

Another 2000 on another board

Another 1000 on another

And countless other boards across the net


All under my name

Whilst supporting users "How do I burn an ISO" (in a few different occasions, you know hundreds of them!)

I still believe it is not in the best interest to link anyone to this board for support, under current conditions (that I personally feel <- that part is the important part)


Abiding by your terms and conditions here, I believe I still may get info and support by coming here (either via logging in, or just viewing, which may be the case if Admin here bans me)

BUT, I cannot state to others "Go ask the friendly chaps at forum.imgburn, this is my personal feeling.

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Cynthia's suggestion is the best one for anyone who feels that the odd shot of a naked body might offend. As for the profanity well you will have to take your chances..... What age are the people you would recommend to come here ? Are they Amish ? If not I very much doubt that the language will cause continual offence.


This is one of the most refreshing forums I know of, in terms of learning new stuff in good humour without being made to feel like a :whatever:


donta & corny - thanks I am off to order some of those, strangely Tesco Home Shopping doesn't seem to find the items when I search for them =))

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