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Rip with Decrypter burn DL with imgburn -- CRASH


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This is my first post. I have tried several different original DVD's which I've ripped using the latest DVD Decrypter. I rip to an ISO. Then close DVD Decrypter.


I open imgburn, open the MDS, put in the blank DVD+R DL and get this error:


ScsiStatus: 0x02

Interpretation: Check Condition


CBD: 2A 00 00 1F CE 20 00 00 20 00

Interpretation: Write(10) - Sectors: 2084384 - 2084415


Sense Area: 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 02 03 04 05

Interpretation: Write Error


The error log is fine until

19:29:03 Writing Layer 1..(LBA: 2084064 - 4166698)




It would seem to indicate that the error is when it tries to write to the second layer, so I'm a bit concerned. It also doesn't appear to be an error with the blanks, since this is the 4th coaster I've burned over a couple days, and they all happen at the same spot. (that would preclude it being due to a bad brand -- no brand is 100% faulty in the same spot)


I've read the guides and many of the forum posts related to DL issues, but didn't get anything that answers the question as to what I should do now to get the software to burn to the second layer. I just bought this new HP computer a month ago, and it works extremely well on single layer DVDs of all kinds.


Suggestions? (Thanks, in advance)

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unless you're burning to Verbatim +R Dual Layer discs there is a chance its your media ,the Verbs are the only discs that give consistant good burns .Posting a complete log is the way to go it would have shown what media you're using.Make sure your firmware is up to date like Chewey says .You'll have to find out who makes your drive then open IMGburn and right click on your drive in the Destination window and read the last line then follow the prompts and make note of what version firmware your drive has and look for a newer one and flash it :thumbup:


FYI we dont discuss Decrypter and ripping here for legal reasons ,its why its gone and not being supported at all

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