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Free Visual Studio Express

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For what it's worth, Microsoft is giving away free copies of Visual Studio Express.


Here are two questions and answers from their FAQ:


11. You said ?free for one year? ? what does that mean, exactly? Will you be charging for this later?


We originally announced pricing of Visual Studio Express at US$49. We are now offering Visual Studio Express for free, as a limited-in-time promotional offer, until November 6, 2006. Note that we are also offering SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as a free download, and that this offer is not limited to the same promotional pricing period as Visual Studio Express.



12. Do customers who acquire the Visual Studio Express products during the free promotional pricing period have to pay after the first year if they want to continue to use them?


No, as long as you download Visual Studio Express on or before November 7th 2006, you will not have to pay for it.


If you are interested then go here for all of the information.

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