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Mitsubishi & Verbatim- are these same?


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Recently I got hold of few DVD-R media 16x-1x, which are labeled as Mitsubishi wit their registered logo. I have checked the Disc ID and found it to be same as that of Verbatim's. These discs were given to me by my vendor as Verbatim discs were not available with him at that moment. Anyway, I burnt few of these discs, and did a post-burn analysis. The quality seems to be >=98%. I have also got hold of some discs labeled as "Verbatim" and burnt those too. I found the quality to be same. Here are two screen shots of PIPO scanning. All these discs were burnt using 8x speed. As ImgBurn can not be used for Data burning, for all these discs I have used NERO 8.


My question is: Are these two discs same? Because I never knew that Mitsubishi makes or markets blank DVDs in their own brand name!


Discs branded as Mitsubishi


Data type: Image file (ISO) of a video discs










Burner: ASUS DRW 2014L1T

Data Type: ISO file created with ImgBurn. Burn speed 8x




Discs branded as Verbatim


Data type: Data DVD, AVI videos


Burner: ASUS SATA DRW 2014L1T








Please clear my doubt, 'cause if both are same, then I shall continue buying Mitsubishi DVDs without much worries.

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Atleast I thought so, I may be wrong, and I would be happy to be :)


I meant to say that I do not know any way of writing a data disc keeping session open so that files can be added later...


Could someone please comment on the burn qualities? Can these be considered as satisfactory? And can i safely use these Mitsubishi discs?

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Other than the first burn with the LiteOn, your burns are out of ECMA spec (ie are bad burns). Try updating the firmware on the burners and checking your DMA. MCC discs are some of the best out there and if you are still having trouble, hen it might be time for new drives.



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Thanks for your response blutach.


the LiteOn burner is old but the ASUS burner is new. LiteOn is on IDE port whereas ASUS is on SATAII. If I remeber correctly the firmwares are also the latest. Though the LiteOn firmware official release was long back. What confuses me is with the same firmware, the first burn is good but not the others, and this is same for both the drives. :?:


Regarding DMA, I have checked your sig (Thanks for the link), but I am bit confused. I have only one IDE porton my motherboard, so I can only add two IDE drives, but there are 4 IDE channels showing in my device manager- two primary two secondary! here are some screen shots, please see if you could help me out...












Regarding Firmware, I am unable to find anything newer (checked your sig again). here are the firmware versions as shown by ImgBurn:


ASUS DRW-2014L1T 1.02 (ATA)




See if you could help me out on this.

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