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ImgBurn default destination bug


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Bug report


ImgBurn version

Operating system: Vista Ultimate x64


Bug is reproducable


1. Put ImgBurn in Read mode.

2. Insert finalized DVD in drive.

3. Before DVD drive and DVD is initialized in ImgBurn, specify ISO filename and destination other than C:\...Documents\SONY_DVD_RECORDER_VOLUME.ISO

4. When DVD drive initialization is finished, the specified filename and destination is changed to the default: C:\...Documents\SONY_DVD_RECORDER_VOLUME.ISO


Workaround: must wait until initialization completes before specifying filename and path to save image file.


Note: the filename is actually a volume name (disc label) defined by the DVD recorder, so this can be a different default filename when you reproduce the bug.

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It's not a bug: ImgBurn reads the disc in order to suggest the image name based on the Volume Label of the disc. Look in Tools -> Settings -> Read tab :)


Thanks for the info. I am not calling this volume label feature a bug. The bug is this: the destination is changed to its default instead of the specified destination when it's specified before DVD drive initialization completes. This shouldn't happen.


In the settings, the default destination is set to "generated automatically". If this is set to "none", this bug would not show itself.


I'm calling this a bug from a customer point of view, not the developer's. (No such problem occurs when in the Write mode.) But I agree that operational-wise, it's almost not a bug since the copy operation completes with no problem (albeit not in an expected manner); but it's not exactly a cosmetic bug, either, because it affects expected operation defined by the customer.

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