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Attention mods with regards to using queue feature


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was reading through website and there was a neat guide to using queue feature not so good to be showing copyrighted dvds in queue thought id bring it to someones attention.

I fail to see the problem. Purchasing a DVD grants the buyer a licence to view, use and abuse that DVD as they see fit as long as it doesn?t breach the copyright of the publisher. A policy called ?Fair Use? exists in many parts of the world including the USA. Basically, this policy allows the purchaser of a DVD to make a backup for personal use as long as the purchaser keeps the original. Germany does not have a fair use policy. Australia is in the process of passing this policy through parliment.


Given that this is an international forum with contributors from many countries with different laws, I suggest your assumption may be a little premature. Log files produced by this program merely show what the user is burning, not the removal or bypassing of encrypted data. Nowhere in the ImgBurn logs or in this forum is there documentation or support for the decryption of a DVD.


We are interested in helping people use this software for the purpose it was intended. The guide you refer to is just that. A guide.

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