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Still Get I/O Errors


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ok i tried burning another game for PS2 and i got I/O Error again. Im Using Sony DVD+R Discs, HP DVD Writer and on the disc try it sayd DVD+R DL and i click bunr and i get I/O Errors every time. My Firmware is CS30. i havent updated Firmware at all, i never knew about firmware until like last week and the forum.rpc1.com site doesnt work for me, ive tried it billions of times and i just wanna update the firmware to the lastest Firmware for HP DVD Writer 640c and fix these I/O Errors. im sick and tired of these friggin Errors, i get like 2 games ou8t of every 5 discs i try to burn and sometimes i get no games.

Plz Help with these problems.


Thx, PS2GameBurner

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