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The ImgBurn opening page/image is not logical


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Get real please.


Would you prefer "Create from a disc, the image file"? Or "Create from files or folders, the image file"? How stupid does that sound?


If you want to post a bug, make sure it is a real one, where the program doesn't work as expected and not some silly anal retentive crap.



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'Read disc to image file' is the only real alternative for the Read mode button. I'm sure that's any better than what it says now.


What do you expect for Build mode with Image file output?!


'Write files/folders to image file' - yeah because that makes loads of sense too!


Verify mode verifies a disc, not an image. I would say the image / words for that are fine. There is no 'source -> destination' going on there.


I made no effort with discovery and I really don't care if people can't make a logical connection between the picture and the text on that one.

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