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Team effort behind road train record

Monday, 20/02/2006


A new record has been set in Queensland for the world's longest road train.


In the weekend attempt at Clifton, on the Darling Downs, a single prime mover hauled 112 trailers nearly 1.5 kilometres.


The previous record was set in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.


Driver John Atkinson says it was a team effort


"We had problems we had to overcome. We ran out of dollies and they had to be shifted in from Toowoomba and there was a last minute panic but the boys came through.


"It started to wheel stand but it did the job, it was 1.474.3 metres long, so it was big," he said.


And for the record, the truck weighed about 1,300 tonnes.



(Shamus? note: Clifton is about 2 1/2 hours drive west of Brisbane).

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