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Using UDF Volume Labels as the label displayed by Windows


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I can't remember if this was done properly in a previous version of ImgBurn. I am currently using 2.4.2.


I know that it is possible for multi-format ISO 9660, Joliet & UDF discs to have different volume labels. Upon insertion, Windows will display the preferred volume label. On a mixed disc, Wihdows should display the "higher quality" version. However, ImgBurn creates DVD discs for which Windows displays the 9660 label rather than the UDF label. There must be a byte or bit setting somewhere that isn't being changed when ImgBurn is builiding these discs.


In the mean time, if you know where the changes need to be done and they are relatively simple, I could build an ISO, edit it with a hex editor and then burn it. Thanks.


Simple feature request, please?

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