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How to use the 'Write Queue' feature in ImgBurn


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First go to tools ->Settings->Device and check 'Eject tray after write'




Press OK .


Next you need to open the queue folder option




You will then see the window below , press add to start your queue list




You have to navigate to the folder you have your iso files, then choose the files you want to add to the queue




When you have chosen the first file , you will then see the window below. Here you can choose how many copies you wish to make, and the speed you wish to burn at.




Continue adding the files to the queue until you have what you want , then press the write button




You can of course choose multiple images by pressing Ctrl /Click Left mouse Button




or you can also choose all the images in your folder by pressing Shift/Click Left mouse button




You can also choose to drag and drop an entire folder to the queue




You then see this window




If you wish to, you can add to the queue at any time - even whilst burning ! .


When the burn begins, you can press the imgburn icon on the top left hand side of the GUI and choose 'Minimize to System Tray' , but it's not necessary to do so.




Now the programme will work automatically, until the queue is finished burning.

The only thing you have to do is swap discs between burns , and press the close button of your burner.


You will see the window below between burns, but you don't have to press anything, after 10 seconds it will continue on its own.




it reminds you what you have just burned and what the next disc will be



Queue Burning using multiple burners


At present i am using 4 burners. you will have to adapt this part of the guide for your own set up.


Choose your first ISO, and check the 'Set Current Device' box, and choose the burner you want to write with from the drop down box. Check 'Set current Write speed' and choose the speed you want, and the amount of copies you want




Do the same for the next image. If it's not set/enabled within the queue for a given image, it'll use whatever the current setting is on the main form - or what's been selected for an image higher up.




Do the same for all the images in your queue



As an alternative, once you have set your choices for the first burner , you also have the option to choose every fourth image using Ctrl/Left mouse click, then right click and choose the options you wish from the dialogue below




just remember to do the same for your other images/burner


When you have chosen the burners and the speeds you want , put a disc in each burner and press the burn button






Using the 'Share All Images Amongst Drives' option:


If you queue up 12 images and have multiple drives, you can select this option to have it assign each image to a different drive - following the order displayed in your 'Devices' list.

So, with 2 drives in your machine, Image 1 will burn with the 1st drive, Image 2 will burn with the 2nd drive, Image 3 will burn with 1st drive, Image 4 will burn with 2nd drive, Image 5 will burn with 1st drive etc etc.


Here's a chart to show which drive would burn which image after clicking 'Share All Images Amongst Drives'.



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