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Select Layer Break Position


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I'm trying to burn an ISO on to a dual-layer disk. When I try to burn, it wants me to "Select Layer Break Position". Uhhh... I have no idea. Whatever is on the ISO. I don't know. Why is it asking me? In the Settings, "Calculate Optimal" is set.


I know what the "layer break" is, but i don't know if just randomly selecting one of five possible positions could cause a problem. I'd really prefer that it just do whatever it needs to do.

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Look at the values in the 'LBA' column.


Are they all different?


I'd personally suggest you do a bit of reading before burning DL discs. They're not as straight forward as single layer ones. You need to consider far more things, and it helps to know what you're doing!


If you're getting choices, that's a good thing. It means you can put the layerbreak at a point where you won't notice it too much.


i.e. if it points at Cell 12 in a certain PGC and that's in the middle of high action, fast moving scene, it's probably better to try a different one.


It's not a decision ImgBurn can make for you, this is a personal choice thing.


If all the options are at the same LBA, you can select any of them, they're all the same!


If in doubt, get a screenshot of the window and post it up here so we can see / help.

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Ok, where it lists the full file name (you've got 2 in that screenshot), it means the break won't be in the middle of anything you watch - so they're your best bets.


The closer you can get to the 'Image File Midpoint' value, the better.


All in all, the top option is the best one for you.


Select it and click ok. :)

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