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TAK support for ImgBurn


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We all know already that this *incredible* application ImgBurn supports in loading FLAC, MP3, APE, WavPack files... to make Audio CDs. This is a real cool feature. I recently switched to TAK, a new lossless codec, fast and with better compression than FLAC, almost like APE.


Album with FLAC - 282MB.

Album with TAK - 262MB (20MB less).


I don't know if you ever tried, but to me is the faster encoder/decoder I ever seen.

I know it's closed source for now, it has the SDK kit available and decoding libraries available...


But I was wondering if ImgBurn could get to support TAK...

What's your thoughts guys...



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ImgBurn doesn't have its own support for those formats. It uses the systems' codecs for that. If you have an ACM codec or DirectShow filter installed, then ImgBurn should be able to burn the given audio format.

Unfortunately I believe there is neither an ACM codec available, nor a DirectShow filter. You'll have to decompress your files to WAV in this case.

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