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Another thank you


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Hello forum members,


This is just another vote of thanks to Lighting, and also to the beta-testers and documenters here.


I had been using an old version that I got from somewhere, quite happily, for some time, but under the mistaken impression that it was no longer supported.


I only recently discovered this site, found the much more recent version, plus documentation and a forum no less, which was very gratifying. I love the newer features.



Fascinating that someone would do all this for free (with optional donations). I also heard about EAC here, which is another great product with the same ethos.


In the past I've used a couple of very good shareware programs that have earned their authors some fame in their field ... not sure about fortune. I'll mention the ones I'm thinking of; there may be others: Ed Hamrick's Vuescan film-scan software, and Qimage, a program to get the best out of your PC's printer. For a modest fee, you get lifetime support.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed by those two, but I've even more impressed by imgburn, and I am recommending it to people who are into this kind of thing.


I'm guessing that the author is doing something that he is very good at and enjoys doing, and that's why he's doing it.

I think that's the essence of the best kind of freeware and shareware, and the very opposite of the bloatware from some of the famous commercial names, not to mention any of them...:) In the past I've seen some small companies that were very good at producing one extremely good software package, and providing ace support, get take over by some mega-corporate giant, and after that, you may as well kiss decent support and development goodbye :-( I saw it many times when I worked in IT.



I hope that users are as generous as I plan to be, once I improve my own financial situation from its slightly credit-crunchy present state :)






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