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Thanks for Image Burn


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Registered on the site just to say THANK YOU FOR IMAGE BURN!!!!


As I tell people 'you'll never use Nero again after you've used Image Burn'(and everyone who I've turned onto it ends up raving positively about it).!


I've been using it for ages, ever since I discovered I could burn double layer disks with it, and choose where the layer break goes - though IB usually finds exactly were I put the layer break in Scenarist without any problems.


But what brought this gushing on is that I also discovered that Image Burn seems to have no problems with 8cm disks (not burnt one yet, but it sees them fine, with the correct capacity and the lot). I've a whole series to make....


Thanks, you think of everything!!!


And please, please, please DON'T expand Image Burn to be anything other than a program which burns files/directories to shiny silver disks... so many other burning programs started off fine, then turned into rippers, authoring progams and the rest (makers of tea) and ruined themselves. The GREAT thing with Image Burn (and so many other freeware programs, which makes them so good) is that it does ONE thing only, BUT IT DOES IT EXCEEDINGLY WELL!!!!!


Programs which try to do everything always end up compromised and what seemed (perhaps) like convenience ends up as confusion.....


Thanks Lightspeed, you don't know how many DVD studio managers you've saved from turning into gibbering wrecks (I know of several others, beside myself).

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