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Bootable CD from floppy with add'l files


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I am trying to make a bootable CD using bootable floppy disk as the boot image. I placed the floppy in the drive and on the ImgBurn bootable disk section, I extracted the files and allowed ImgBurn to automatically populate the options. I then added more files using the source drop down on the right side. When I write to the disk, it asks if the folder of files I am adding are the root and I tried responding both "yes" and later "no". The process completed and I was able to boot with the CD, however, I do not see the other files I added using the Source drop down. All I see on the disk, which comes up as the A: prompt, when I type DIR are the files that were on the floppy.


There is not enough room on the floppy for the additioal files Ineed, which is the whole reason I am trying to do this.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance,



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That's because they're placed in different areas: when you boot that CD it emulates a floppy drive, and as such, has the files which the original floppy had. In order to read them on DOS you need to load a cdrom.sys of some sort and MSCDEX.


What exactly do you want to do? I'm asking because maybe there's a solution that you can download and use without having to modify stuff.

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