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imgBURN now classified as a virus by ESET antivirus

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I realize that technically it is classified as a "potentially unwanted program", but it was automatically blocked by my ESET antivirus, I wasn't even able to download it.


Sure, you can keep telling people that they are idiots, and that it is all fine, and that they should learn the difference between a virus and a ... virus-which-is-legally-forced-to-be-called-not-a-virus (like you basically did replying to the last several people who reported the same), but in the end, 95 % of the people who download your program (and has antivirus installed), will make a conclusion that imgBURN = virus.


To add insult to injury, your registration confirmation e-mail sends a broken link:



it should be




So I had to waste another 10 minutes to figure out how to confirm my registration to report this.


Seriously, if you wanted to destroy imgBURN, you should have better just closed the website and announced that the project was dead, instead of this crap.


Is there any place where I can download an earlier version, which won't get blocked by my antivirus?

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ESET has detected OpenCandy as a potentially unwanted program for ages. OpenCandy is just an advertising platform. If you don't opt out of the 3rd party program offers it can display during the installation of ImgBurn, you may end up with something you didn't want. There are loads of programs being offered by OpenCandy, some will undoubtedly be more 'unwanted' than others.


In a perfect world, ESET etc. would just be blocking the bad 3rd party apps and leave the advertising platform (OpenCandy) alone. It's a bit like blocking all websites that use Google AdSense.


There's nothing wrong with the validation email, your email client must have messed it up.


You're obviously well aware of OpenCandy by now and know that the installer wizard will contain a screen or two offering you other programs. I'm sure you're capable of letting the current release download and just opt out of anything that doesn't interest you.

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All antivirus products should be blocking this stuff.


Everyone knows that devs only make money from this through user carelessness. If the options to install bundled software were unchecked by default, virtually nobody would actually choose to install that stuff, but money is being made because people often don't pay close attention to each step of the installer. The makers of Open Candy know this. Lightning UK knows this. That's why you should find an alternate program to ImgBurn and boycott it until it's no longer being used as a malware distribution tool.

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