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  1. ImgBurn always instructs the drive to use the value you specify. It's down to the drive to actually support the speed and do as it's told.
  2. Why would you want to join up to the forum and resurrect someone else's 14 year old topic? If you have a problem with the way the software is behaving for you, you should make a new thread... like you have done. Since 2008, Advanced input mode has been added. You have more control over the disc layout (via the 'disc layout editor' window), so just use that instead of trying to work around things with subst.
  3. I still don’t see where IngBurn fits into the equation. What do you think you mean by ‘download’ ? Do you just want to install the games so you can play them? Didn’t the disc come with instructions?
  4. No problem, I can add support for that. There are other fields that are meant to be set to a specific value when burning CD-I discs, and they wouldn't be set correctly even when you edit the CUE to say MODE2. A proper fix will enable the software to set the 'session format' correctly when setting the write parameters.
  5. I’m not so sure this is anything to do with ImgBurn. Are you trying to copy a disc?
  6. Mount the ISO in a virtual drive program (or Explorer) and then point ImgBurn's Build mode at that virtual drive. It'll then be able to shift things around so it complies with DVD Video specs.
  7. And nothing written in the log window when you add the folder? Can’t do much more than check the share and ntfs permissions on the drive itself. Just double check the build mode options too and make sure you don’t have ‘archive files/folders only’ enabled.
  8. Add the problem folder to the ‘disc layout editor’ (when in Advanced Input mode). Does it list all of the files in the folder correctly? Does anything get written to the Log window? Could just be a permissions problem and it doesn’t have access to the content.
  9. Your drive probably doesn’t support those discs. A firmware update may fix that, but you’d need a patched flasher or whatever due to it being an oem drive. (From a Gateway pc possibly?)
  10. Yes. It would then just be testing the disc is readable.
  11. Yes, it would automatically verify against what has been written - and that applies to both Write mode and Build mode.
  12. If it's a DVD-R, use Read mode to make an image of it and then burn it via Write mode. Is the source disc you're looking at actually a DVD Video disc? As ImgBurn only burn as-is, if you feed it an MP4 file, you'll end up with an MP4 file on the disc. You can probably skip Handbrake entirely.
  13. I don’t know that either. If the model is in the ‘supported’ list I mentioned in my previous reply, it should work. If it isn’t, it won’t. If in doubt, ask Primera.
  14. I've no idea. Going by the guide, mine was/is a Disc Publisher SE. You can get a newer PTRobot from here - https://www.primera.com/developersupport/ Supports Bravo SE,SE-3,II,Pro,Xi,XR,XRP,4100/4200 Series
  15. Try the other filers listed at the bottom of the guide here: https://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?/topic/5555-How-to-write-an-Audio-CD-from-music-files-using-ImgBurn
  16. I haven't done this stuff in like 10+ years, so please don't expect me to remember any of it! Look at an IFO in IfoEdit and you'll see how DVD Video files are broken down. Perhaps you recall the term PGC ? A PGC is a collection of Cells. They're the Cells I'm talking about. It all comes down to the DVD Video specs. A layer break is meant to be put in a certain position (a cell change) and that's the reason for the coloured starts on the layer break selection screen. The more boxes the position ticks, the higher up the star rating chart it goes. Pressed discs will have been designed and authored with a layer break position in mind. Unless of course they're 'seamless' ones and you're relying on the player working with a disc that doesn't really comply with the specs. They too may have some padding within the file system (invisible to you) so that a cell change falls in the correct place for burning to disc. Don't forget that pressed discs can be OTP or PTP. For burning, we only have the option of OTP. Different rules apply for each format in terms of layer sizes.
  17. Once the ogg file has been added to the cue, right click it and you'll see the option on the context menu.
  18. It's meant to split on a cell, but if the disc is quite full, it won't be able to add the required padding to make it work. I'm sure there's a guide for how to deal with such issues.
  19. An hour?! Does it get stuck at 99% or does it count up to 100 really, really, really slowly? Which directshow filter do you have installed for the decoding of OGG files?
  20. That doesn’t change anything. Acrovova have told you you’ve bought a stand-alone unit, not one you connect to a pc.
  21. Nb12 does indeed appear to be a standalone unit. The USB port is probably there for controller updates or something.
  22. If only you hadn’t disabled the ‘verify’ feature The log doesn’t show any errors from during the burn, but the verify operation would have told us if the disc could be read ok.
  23. It means the BD drives don't support the command the older DVD drives used to for bitsetting. If they do it automatically, it's all good
  24. I don’t know. The unit itself shows up ok, so I’d say the driver is ok. Speak to Acronova and see what they say. You didn’t answer my questions about if you can hear or see the drive doing anything when you turn the nimbie on.
  25. The actual drive inside the nimbie should be listed in the cd/dvd devices section within Device Manager. If it can’t see it, ImgBurn won’t be able to either. The ‘elby clonedrive’ device that is listed is a virtual drive from a bit of software loaded on your pc. It has nothing to do with the nimbie unit. So something is wrong with your Nimbie unit or the drive inside it.
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