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How do I burn a 2-iso DL navi DVD?

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Hello :piano:


I have a 15 years old BMW. I happened to have found a recent navigation DVD (called BMW High. The original DVD's, which I also have an old one, are Dual Layer). It consists of two iso's called:


NAV_DB_21708.ISO 4,4GB

NAV_DB_21709.ISO 4,1GB


I've extracted them both, they both have the same directory tree structure, in all subdirectories the files have the same names, but the file sizes are different. So, obviously, it is not a matter of trying to merge these two iso's into one (files will overwrite each other).


The instructions simply say: 'burn both iso's to a Verbatim DL disk on the lowest speed with Imgburn'.


But how do I do that?


I looked in the guides-section of this site, but I found no guide dealing with this particular subject there.


Thank you in advance for any help :worthy:







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You can't merge them, burn them to 2 double layer discs. Each iso to its own disc. Problem solved.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 7 met Tapatalk

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Obviously you were right, DVD1 was West, DVD2 was East.


Thank you very much :D

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