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Multiple copies, Overburn once, Overburn Always?

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I am burning multiple copies of original content Audio, and the burn sits at 80:59 (one minute over official capacity).  I have burned it an proven that the discs I'm using can contain the content, and players play it fine.


However, when I tell ImgBurn to burn 10x, then Each.And.Every.Time I get the Overburn/Truncate option, stopping the burn process until I answer the prompt.


If I'm burning 10 copies, why would I change my mind mid-run?  Is there a setting I can make that says "if I choose Overburn/Truncate" during a multi-copy run, keep choosing the same until the run is finished"?


Thanks in advance,



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Fair point. There's no way to make it apply for a multi-copy burn.


You can work around that prompt via the General tab in the settings. 'Display Warnings' -> 'Overburning'.


The program will then automatically overburn or truncate, based on what's selected for 'Default Overburning Method' in the Settings... Write tab, Page 2.

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