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Jiri Zita

Add new Media profile

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I suggest to add two media profiles for burning DVD discs which can be used as masters for pressing plants:


DVD-5 - 2,294,912 sectors


DVD-9 - 2,084,960 sectors per layer


It would be also nice to receive single layer ISO (and double layer ISO+MDS) images prepared for mastering.


Maybe there should be a warning when ImgBurn tries to build an image with the layer break over sector number 2084960. Or at least some option to do such a test even for DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL profile.


Sometimes we receive recordable DVDs with more than allowed number of sectors burned and every time we have to ask the customer if he wants to:

1. change his order to DVD-9 (in case of full DVD+-R SL supplied)

2. confirm production of non-standard DVD and confirm that he accept that we will not guarantee proper playback of such a disc in every player

3. let us change the layer break (if it is possible)


Jiri Zita

Premastering department

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