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  2. Aha! Thought so. Could you please look at this thread?
  3. That dates back to the days of CDs. It’s nothing to do with any movie on the disc.
  4. *bump* @LIGHTNING UK!, have you answered this elsewhere?
  5. @LIGHTNING UK! You know how for a long time now I've reported on random crashes I get on ImgBurn shutdown? That you could never see a cause for? Well, I believe I may have isolated a possible cause. It's repeatable, so you may be able to test it for yourself. It seems to be generated if a folder added to a Project has been detached. What I can do is assign a partition on a USB HDD a drive letter then add a folder to a DVD Video project from that partition on the USB HDD. Then, if I remove the drive letter from the partition that that folder was added to the Project from WITH ImgBurn open and the Project unchanged, when I close ImgBurn after the partition had been "hidden" by removing the drive letter in Disk Mangement, I get a crash on shutdown of ImgBurn. This may give you something to go on now.
  6. That only applies to games and it depends on if you have a fat or slim model PS 2. MKM's worked fine for DVD Video for a decade on my fat model PS 2. The slim, not so much. However, the slim model never played DVD's correctly without skips and pauses in playback because, well, it's a slim model, and almost all slim models of anything with an optical drive are junk.
  7. I also applied a software patch for dual layer support . Just a warning for everyone, don't try MKM-003 on PS2 .
  8. Earlier
  9. I've known 2 people with modded PS 2's and neither one of them had a chip that supported double layer games.
  10. Yes, it's modded both hardware and software . I even tried to disable the chip, same result . I used an external Verbatim drive and i could write at 3x . But on an internal LG drive the minimum is 4x . Bitsetting was manually set to DVD-ROM in both cases .
  11. 2 things. 1.) Is your PS 2 modded? If it isn't, copies of games won't play at all, regardless of if they're single or double layer. Unless you're using a soft mod, which is still a mod. 2.) Be aware not all mod chips supported double layer copies. You can write below 4x. But, 1.) you need 2.4x media, and it's not guaranteed the drive isn't hyped up to write beyond 2.4x on that rated media. 2.) you can try setting a slower write speed, but user entered values are not always honored by the drive itself, as the hardware will do whatever the Hell it wants to.
  12. Hello . I am trying to burn a Playstation 2 dual-layer game , i have tried multiple MKM-003-000 discs , tested on 2 consoles but it just won't read them . I also tried some CMC MAG-D03-64 and i had better results with those !? .. even if they stop working after a while . Can you go under 4x writing speed or it's a disk limitation ? I'm also attaching a log . ImgBurn.log
  13. If you're going to use the OWC enclosure with a WH16NS60, be aware there's a big drawback. If you power off the enclosure, Windows will not recognize the drive is connected again until you restart Windows. The OWC doesn't do this with Pioneer drives, but it does with the NS60. VanTec enclosures don't do this with the NS60, either. It's a peculiar bug in the OWC enclosure. I haven't used anything other than a Blu-Ray burner for like a decade, so I can't comment on DVD only burners.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into it for BD drive, I trust LG as well. I've emailed VanTec, hopefully they RMA it. Probably will just order an OWC enclosure. TSST SH-224 are decent for just DVDs? In the past I had read they were quality, now I don't know what to think anymore. Cheers
  15. Are you saying you have optical drives that are recognized by ImgBurn but are not recognized by it when you connect an external HDD? If you're not, then, it's as was said. ImgBurn does not image USB HDD's.
  16. It's possible to get a VanTec enclosure that only partially works. My first VanTec made me thing the entire line was junk. While it initially appeared to work, eventually, it started dropping communication with the drive. I gave a 2nd VanTec a try and that's when I started to suspect inferior Chinese quality control because that unit worked fine. Then, I had another one where it would randomly not detect anything when a disc was inserted until the power was cycled. I would get an LG WH16NS60 if you're really looking for a BD drive. It's the best of the worst. The lesser of several evils. Pioneer is pretty much junk now. Hasn't properly written to DVD+RW for over 5 years. ASUS is also junk. Doesn't properly write DVD+R DL.
  17. Thank you both for your replies. I tried other options in I/O as well after reading this suggestion, I couldn't get those to function either. I could get an OWC enclosure and try it, but I find it odd that I can read/view the disk in windows yet have issues with imgburn. I've used ImgBurn in the past, and never encountered a problem like this. It starts to make me believe that @dbminter is right, it's probably a dud enclosure, but again I can't believe it partially works. Is a partial dud even a possibility? And the spontaneous failure also perplexes me. I may email Vantec and ask for an RMA, not sure if I'll have any success. I read hearsay online that some devices that use 12v external power supplies can push the power back down the USB cable (incorrectly designed) and fry components. I tested the USB cable with probes and voltmeter, I didn't find any voltage going back down the USB cable. I also just picked up two more SH-224 drives on ebay, in case it is the drive. If this isn't a good DVD drive for this purpose, do either of you have a suggestion? I could go full hog and get a newer quality pioneer blu-ray drive, but I've worried about lifespan of the drives from things I've read online. Especially given most retailers are selling brown box pulls as it is, a second hand blu-ray drive seems like it could be a bad bet. I just have a cheap Asus blu-ray reader, not a burner, from years ago. I could pull it to test this enclosure, but it's in an HTPC at a family member's house and will have to wait until the weekend. Here is a full log. I have many external drives and two network mapped drives. Without the optical drive connected it launches immediately and does not hang. ominous Thanks again for any guidance. I 15:45:18 ImgBurn Version started! I 15:45:18 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200) I 15:45:18 Total Physical Memory: 33,407,784 KiB - Available: 26,189,444 KiB W 15:45:18 I/O Interface 'Debug Mode' Enabled! I 15:45:18 Initialising SPTI... I 15:45:18 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(A:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(B:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(C:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(D:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(E:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(F:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(G:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(H:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(I:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(J:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(K:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(L:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(M:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(N:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(O:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(P:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(Q:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(R:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(S:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(T:\) - Return Value: 4 (DRIVE_REMOTE) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(U:\) - Return Value: 4 (DRIVE_REMOTE) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(V:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(W:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(X:\) - Return Value: 3 (DRIVE_FIXED) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(Y:\) - Return Value: 2 (DRIVE_REMOVABLE) I 15:45:18 GetDriveType(Z:\) - Return Value: 1 (DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR) W 15:45:18 No devices detected!
  18. I 13:20:05 ImgBurn Version started! I 13:20:05 Microsoft Windows 8 Core x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200) I 13:20:05 Total Physical Memory: 6,172,084 KiB - Available: 3,433,320 KiB I 13:20:06 Initialising SPTI... I 13:20:06 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... W 13:20:06 No devices detected! I have been trying to "create image files from disc" but encountered that imgburn doesnt want to detect my device. I am using windows 10 and the newest version of IMGBURN, I have a WEME usb3.0 to sata converter that is connected to an external sata hard drive. I have been looking in forums and trying many different things but nothing seems to help.
  19. Disconnect the drive Load the program and enable I/o debug mode Connect the drive. Post the log (in so far as it gets). Thanks
  20. First, if you haven't, try power cycling the enclosure and then restart the PC. The second thing you could try is changing the Interface in ImgBurn. If SPTI was working before, this probably won't help, but it's worth a try. Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> Interface. Try all the other options and see if it helps. I'd have to say if ImgBurn worked before and you were able to read/burn many discs before, it would seem the drive needs replacing. However, you're also using one of those VanTec enclosures. They're 50/50 when it comes to quality control. You could have gotten one of those 50% clunkers. The only reason I use one is because the LG WH16NS60 only properly works in the VanTec. (And even then on the Version 2 one, you can't update the firmware of one in it.) You could try getting an Other World Computing enclosure and see if that helps. I'd say it probably wouldn't make a difference in this case, though.
  21. In need of some assistance if possible, I searched everywhere I could online for advice. ImgBurn hangs on Searching for SCSI / ATAPI. Drive is a TSST SH-224BB in a Vantec NexStar DX2 USB 5.25 enclosure. I have updated the firmware on the drive to the latest version (SB-01). DVDs play in VLC and Media Player Classic HC. I reinstalled ImgBurn with the "fresh install" twice. I know it worked to reinstall cleanly because I had to reuse the registry key to enable debug mode. I tried running the program as administrator as well. As a last ditch diagnostic I checked the power supply for the enclosure with a voltmeter, it's right where it should be just above 12v. The problem began after attempting to read an older disc with the drive to backup as an .iso. ImgBurn worked less than 12 hours ago to make an iso, earlier today. After the disc failed to read it could have began then, the disc make be anecdotal. I have used this drive to write many iso's thus far. I can still play discs in VLC with the drive. The discs appear in Windows and are able to be viewed in explorer. I'm also able to create an video from the disc directly in handbrake. My flow had previously been ImgBurn -> .iso -> HandBrake Queue. OS is Windows 11 Pro, it displays as windows 8 x64 in the log. I enabled additional logging registry key as suggested by LUK's troubleshooting post. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it will be of any help: I 00:37:19 ImgBurn Version started! I 00:37:19 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200) I 00:37:19 Total Physical Memory: 33,407,784 KiB - Available: 24,888,836 KiB W 00:37:19 I/O Interface 'Debug Mode' Enabled! I 00:37:19 Initialising SPTI... I 00:37:19 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... Additionally, exiting the program causes a lockup as well. Any wisdom would be appreciated, not sure what's going on.
  22. I have a single monitor but i you could be right before my registry edit I could see that window for a split second when shutting down IMGBURN
  23. It was probably just opening up off the screen - perhaps due to a multimonitor setup/resolution change or something? It remembers its last location - in terms of X,Y on your screen/desktop. Removing the value you claim didn't work will reset the position of the window. It'll only do that if ImgBurn isn't already open because the settings are loaded when the program is first opened and then saved when it's closed. Removing the value you mentioned (or setting to 1, which is the default anyway) only shows the top 'Explorer' part of the DLE window (so the bottom part doesn't then take up the entire thing). It has nothing to do with the actual DLE window being visible or its location.
  24. Sorry for my confusing reply but I was in a rush. I meant to say that before "registry edit" when I clicked on "Show disc layout editor" (like the one in "write files/folders to disc") I could not get that window to show. Now it works even if I have to click on the 'Show Disc Layout Editor' window button.
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