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  1. The program detects it's a BD Video based on the presence of the BDMV folder.

    So.... where's your BDMV folder?

    Ah, hang on... you mention opening ImgBurn to burn the ISO in your initial post.

    If you have an ISO, you should be using Write mode to burn it, not Build mode.

  2. There's no way of doing it in ImgBurn though, no.

    Depending on how complex the CUE is and the changes you want to make, you might just be able to edit it in notepad.


  3. How many discs have failed like this?

    Have you tried burning at 4x instead of 3x? (note: 2.4x isn't supported by your drive, so it used 3x instead)

    Assuming your discs are ok, that means your drive probably need cleaning or replacing. It shouldn't be having a problem burning (real Verbatim) MKM-003-00 discs. They're the best DL media available.

  4. The other 6 mirrors host files without installcore... or at least were originally given a version without it.

    Opting to save or run makes no difference.

  5. The GUI will always show the speed you've selected, even if the drive will have ignored the request to use that speed.

    You've omitted the last couple of log entries where it would have showed the actual speeds your system/drive burnt at.

    It's not the program which forces one of the other speeds, the drive does. I cannot override the speeds it's designed to work at.

  6. "Invalid field in CDB" is common after a retry of some sort - but then I'd expect to see a 'write error' before it and you don't appear to have one of those.

    I wonder if you're somehow missing out on the real error code. Perhaps a driver in the chain is swallowing it up and so it isn't reaching ImgBurn.

    Do you have anything in your filter driver list? You can view it (and copy+paste it) via the feature on the Tools menu.

  7. The physical eject button/tray lock is a command you send to the drive, it has nothing to do with the locking abilities of the I/O interfaces.

    Both interfaces are, unless buggy, perfectly capable of gaining exclusive access to the drive and preventing other apps from trying to use them at the same time.

    Apart from when I'm testing a different interface for something specific, I'm always on SPTI.

    ElbyCDIO is great for XP and avoiding the need for admin rights, but XP also went EOL a long time ago.


  8. ImgBurn burns (or puts into an ISO) exactly what you give it. Don't forget, an ISO is just like a box you put things into. It doesn't change what you put in it.

    ImgBurn doesn't retain or not retain a menu, because it doesn't know anything about menus. The menu is part of the BD Video specification and structure. If that's already in place within the files/folders you feed into ImgBurn, they should work just fine. If they aren't working, it's an issue outside of ImgBurn.


  9. Does the new ISO come out to the same size as the original one?

    It's coming out to around 700Mb... marginally bigger than you could fit on a CD.

    Are you actually burning the ISO to disc and playing in a standalone player or just playing it via the virtual drive in your computer?

    If on the computer, what software are you using for that purpose?


  10. ImgBurn burns as-is, so if you want a BD Video disc, you need to feed a compliant BD Video folder structure into ImgBurn.

    You’ll have to find another utility to convert your premiere file into the correct BD Video format and folder structure. Then just burn that with ImgBurn.

  11. After a bit of Googling, it seems that sort of crash (Fault Module Name: StackHash_2264) is due to DEP.

    As mentioned before, if ImgBurn itself crashes, it generates a report and offers to send it to me. You aren't getting that and are instead getting a crash within the OS.

    I don't know if that sort of crash would produce a minidump or whatever, but there could be more info in the eventlog or perhaps available by a 3rd party app from the likes of sysinternals or nirsoft.



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