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  1. The program queries the drive's current setting and that's what is being displayed in the log when you burn.

    It doesn't actively request that the drive changes the booktype to DVD-ROM if the setting you've mentioned isn't checked.... but it also won't then tell it NOT to booktype to DVD-ROM if that's what it has already defaulted to doing.

    So.... go into the booktype changing tool/feature and tell the drive that you don't want it to booktype the disc to DVD-ROM.

  2. And you're changing it in Tools -> Settings -> Events -> On Startup -> Check For Program Update? (setting it to 'Never')

    If you want to do it in regedit, it's the 'EVENTS_CheckForProgramUpdate' setting in the key dbminter mentioned. Set it to 0.


  3. It does 'stick', so maybe it's something to do with how it's being called.

    Is another program firing ImgBurn up automatically? They often tell the program not to save the settings on exit or provide it with an ini file to control the configuration.


  4. The program is at the mercy of your machine as a whole. If your machine stops processing the I/O requests it tries to send to the drive, it will appear to be frozen - it’s actually just waiting for a response to something.

    So the problem could be something related to a communication issue with the drive.

    Load the program up, go into write mode, right click the drive selection box and select ‘family tree’. Close the prompt that comes up and then copy + paste everything from the Log window please.

  5. Think of an ISO like a box.... that's all it is.

    You put things in it, but they don't change. So if you put MKV/MP4 files in an ISO 'box', when you look inside the ISO 'box', you still have the same MKV/MP4 files.

    Either you used to start off with compliant DVD Video (VIDEO_TS) stuff (and not MP4/MKV) or you used another program to convert to DVD Video format (VIDEO_TS) and then used ImgBurn for the burning part.

    Lots of freeware conversion tools can automatically call upon ImgBurn for the burning phase.

  6. ImgBurn burn as-is, it always has done.

    So if you feed it MP4 / MKV files, that's what you'll end up with on the disc.

    If your play needs proper DVD Video discs (ones with the VIDEO_TS folder and usual set of files), you'll need to convert your MP4 / MKV files into that format before then burning the VIDEO_TS folder.

    You must have been using different software (or an additional piece of software) on your older PC and have started skipping a step on your new one.

  7. Quote

    I 16:51:17 Source File: C:\Users\Test\Downloads\Win10_1809Oct_v2_English_x64.iso
    I 16:51:17 Source File Sectors: 2’630’945 (MODE1/2048)

    2630945 / 16 = 164434 remainder 1

    So you're 1 sector into the next ECC block (a block of 16 sectors) and that's why your burnt disc shows up as having a size of 2630960 sectors. It's rounded up to the next multiple of 16.

    Can you copy and paste all of the disc info from the box on the right when you're in Read mode and that burnt disc is in the drive please?


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