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  1. It depends on what it’s going to be used for. I tend to do things the correct way in order to avoid problems later down the line.
    In your case, yes, it appears to have worked. In others it may not and you’d need the bin/cue version - where you then mount the cue file and have a faithful ‘virtual’ representation of the disc in your virtual drive, not one that’s ‘almost’ right.

  2. Ok so you’ve got 80gb of stuff there.... I guess you didn’t actually mean cd when you said it because it’ll never fit!

    A reparse point is a virtual link to somewhere else - as in, not a real folder. They’re possibly linked to another folder that’s already being included and you don’t want the data duplicated or the image will get even bigger.

    Might you not be better off using a real hdd backup tool like Acronis True Image or similar?

  3. Well... if you want to faithfully reproduce a disc (copy it), you need all of the info.

    If you’re losing some of it by converting to mode1/2048 byte sectors, it’s not a true copy. CDs have mode 1 and mode 2 sectors you see.

    Chances are, if you’d just specified the destination file name yourself and picked the iso format, the program would have warmed you that your disc didn’t belong in an iso but it might be possible to convert the sectors on the fly so that it could be put in one.

  4. Either your drives are duff or your discs are.

    They shouldn't be failing to burn MKM-003-00 media (although they probably would fail with the overburning part).

    My advice would be to invest in a new (non slimline) drive and try again. You'll need one that's actually capable of overburning DVD+R DL media though.

    Something like this would be ideal - https://www.vinpowerdigital.com/main/product.aspx?CategoryID=105&SubCategoryID=351&Keyword=PX-891SAF-PLUS


  5. This is an English (only) forum, so I have to use Google translate to even attempt to figure out what you're saying.

    It seems you want to know if it's normal for a dvd player to be louder when playing burnt discs? I don't really have an answer for that, but if they're (DVD-R / DVD+R) set to read faster than perhaps a DVD-ROM would be read, that would explain why it's louder. Beyond that, I'm afraid I have no idea.


  6. Burning the cue (based on wavs) will give you the ‘final product’. There’s no sense in making a further image of that disc and burning it again.

  7. I 12:00:14 File System(s): UDF (2.50)

    I 12:00:14 Volume Label: Mullins Museum Remake AVCHD
    I 12:00:14 Size: 11,304 bytes
    I 12:00:14 Sectors: 12
    I 12:00:14 Image Size: 1,310,720 bytes
    I 12:00:14 Image Sectors: 640
    I 12:00:18 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:53
    I 12:00:18 Operation Started!

    You wrote ~10KiB to the disc. No wonder it didn't play!

  8. In an earlier post, you said you had a Blu-ray burner and Blu-ray discs. You're also saying you have a BDMV folder, so where does 'DVD' come into it?

    Maybe you're just mixing terminology?

    You're fine to burn a BD Video disc from the BDMV folder onto your Blu-ray discs using your Blu-ray burner.


  9. As the error message states, (CSS protected) discs need to be authenticated before they can be read.

    Don't forget that reading and verifying are the same thing. The program is issuing the 'READ' command to the drive either way.

    An attempt to read a protected sector without having first completed the authentication process will result in that error being returned.


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