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  1. Guillaume

    About an ImgBurn Portable,,,

    Just a quick question: when using "/portable", does the "/settings [ini-file]" have any additional value when the imgburn.ini file is already in the same folder as imgburn.exe?
  2. Guillaume

    'Reparent' function

    Err, that's for another topic, I guess
  3. Guillaume

    'Reparent' function

    I get your point, and I think this makes it clear that I was too confident that this would be the worthy successor of Prassi's discontinued ONES. I realize that the idea behind this program might be different than I expected. A real shame, since there are hardly any freeware alternatives to something like ONES or Complex Evolution.
  4. Guillaume

    Multisession Disk

    So the fact that it doesn't cost *much* relatively to food or drinks justifies the burning of an unnecessary amount of discs with great redundancy? Furthermore, I could hardly say that with a disc a day/week, it can all remain well-organized. Bottom line, it's just unnecessary to burn a new disc if there's space left to update/add new files. Apart from the use, I do think multisession writing is a fundamental characteristic of cd/dvd authoring. I think many potential users will stop being interested in such a great product after becoming aware of the fact that this feature isn't implemented. Nevertheless, I do get your point from a die-hard recording point of view: multisession is not exactly like efficiently using up disc space, while the TOC has to be written to the disc with every session (13-14MB for CD's). But if there is such space available anyway, and since multisession discs do not cause compatibility issues in almost any case, it does add a significant amount of flexibility. And flexibility is one of the main characteristics what makes this program so great.
  5. Guillaume

    'Reparent' function

    That doesn't apply so much for backing up files that have standard folders on your computer, but where it will make no sense to apply that exact same structure on the disc. Or when you want to make a folder called 'Backups' on the discs and then put some folders from HDD in it, like My Documents, Application Data, or whatever. To copy 4-8GB to another folder on the harddrive just to get the folder structure on the disc right just doesn't make sense.
  6. Guillaume

    Multisession Disk

    Not to start a slanging match, but that statement is inherently wrong. You are not even considering the fact that not all computers can boot from USB drives, and therefore multisession boot CDs like Puppy Linux are still very essential. On the topic of multisession discs, there are very useful when making incremental backups, so you don't need to waste discs unnecessarily. My thoughts exactly. I'm regularly using bootable cd's, as USB bootable device compatibility is an issue for a lot of systems. These bootable discs need regular updating: new versions of recovery tools, virus definifition files, bugs in the multiple bootable environments on it, etc. It would be a rather expensive task to write a new disc for every minor change, and the readability of rewritable media is far from optimal. Furthermore, I think incremental backups alone would justify the implementation of multisession writing: one should be able to make backups at any time, not just when there's enough data to fill up an entire disc. When it comes to that, it might already be too late... In addition, the absence of multisession writing would make one to use a less reliable rewritable medium for crucial backups.
  7. Guillaume

    'Reparent' function

    I'd very much like to see the following function added to the Build mode: Suppose I add a file or directory called 'Willem'. Now that will go to [root]\Willem on the disc. Now I want to be able to 'reparent' this file/folder in two possible ways: 1. I want to add a folder before it: [root]\Added folder\Willem(\files) on the disc. 2. I want to substitute another folder name for the folder Willem: [root]\Substitute folder\files on the disc. Prassi ONES does this very nicely: To add a folder (1): To substitute one (2):

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