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  1. Rippraff

    ImgBurn v2.3.0.0 Released!

    Thanks a bunch LUK! Cu Rippraff
  2. Rippraff

    Disc formatting

    I was just going to edit my post. My fault, I just confirmed it with a +RW but it wasn't obvious to me that these informations aren't stored on -RW media. Cu Rippraff
  3. Rippraff

    Disc formatting

    LUK!, did you kick this information in current in I can't find anything in the info window saying 'Formatted: Yes' or 'No'. Cu Rippraff
  4. Hi, it would be very nice if you could implement a save option for booktype setting. I'm working with a LG GSA-4120B burner and although bitsetting is working fine I have to set it again next time otherwise it's turned off. Also I'm mostly working with the combination of ImgTool Classic and ImgBurn and in this case I can't change ImgBurn settings. Best regards, Rippraff
  5. Rippraff

    Save option for bitsetting

    Although I'm mostly burning with my BenQ 1640 now instead of my old LG, it's always nice to see that user wishes get implemented some day. Thanks again m8 for an additional feature! Cu Rippraff
  6. Rippraff

    Book type question

    As I told you that isn't possible as bitsetting is only available for DVD+R(W) media. Cu Rippraff
  7. Rippraff

    Book type question

    @chueco111 Stick with high quality DVD-R media and you should be on the safe side. Bitsetting (whether it's supported by your drive or not) is only available for DVD+R media. Cu Rippraff
  8. Rippraff

    Backing up PS2 discs

    The first disc you've burned with ImgBurn was this also a DVD+R? There are reports that the very first series of both PS and PS2 didn't except DVD+R even not with bitsetting. To be on the safe side I'ld recommend to use DVD-R media instead. Cu Rippraff
  9. Rippraff

    ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 Released!

    Thanks a bunch LUK! and all of you beta team members! I do have to take my time to read the book, which you call the changelog. Cu Rippraff
  10. Rippraff


    There are a lot of programs which can do this for you if your drive is supported, you can give Nero CD-DVD Speed a try. Cu Rippraff
  11. Rippraff

    NEC 3550 VS BenQ 1650

    My recommendation is to turn Solid Burn ON for known medias if your dealing with DVD-R and to switch it OFF for DVD+R (which is the default). These are my experiences with TYG02 and YUDEN000_T02 (both 8X) and the BenQ 1640. Cu Rippraff
  12. Rippraff

    Book Type

    @88keyz Here's what you're looking for. Works like a charm with my LG. Cu Rippraff
  13. Rippraff

    Save option for bitsetting

    Okay I got it now. Alex Noe's tool works like a charm! Thanks to both of you for your help. Cu Rippraff
  14. Rippraff

    Save option for bitsetting

    Thanks LUK for the fast reply. I didn't know that this is a LG limitation. Sorry I don't completely understand. The option already exists except it can't be saved. Thanks again for the link, unfortunately the search function is only allowed for registered users (never get the sense of such forum behaviour ) Edit: Thanks BurnerFreak for your link! This solved one of my problems. I will give it a go. Cu Rippraff

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