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  1. Use either DVD Shrink or SlySoft CloneDVD DVD Shrink is still available and there is a patched version that will let you use IMGBurn instead of DVD Decrypter or Nero CloneDVD isn't free, but just a fine job as long as teh compression ratio isn't something silly, anything less than 85-90% then you need better software I use DVD-RB Pro, its miles better than any transcoder, but its slow as it rebuild the DVD to fit the bitrate so give much much higher quality, there is also a very basic free version of DVD-RB you may want to look at
  2. Burn them using the 'Tools/Create CD Cue' file option, once your CUE file is created, choose the 'write' option and select it and you'll have no problems at all with very compatble audio CD's that I can burn at x16 without any issues at all Once its burnt it will auto-delete the cue track and ASK if you want to delete the MP3's it created the audio CD from Nero just didn't like burning at x16 and frequently ended up with skipping tracks, another reason why Nero is no longer installed on my system If you do insist on still using Nero, go find a copy of either Nero 6 or Nero 7. A lot of people still use Nero 6 for a reason ... it works
  3. If its a wii ISO image, and NOT a 'scrubbed' ISO image that it should be 4.37GB in size, and you don't need to burn as data disc or anything else. I believe thats just for the 'other' software that isn't as intelligent as IMGBurn The vast majority of Wii ISO's are 4.37GB, but there is one DL game at the moment but if you look hard enough there is a version that has been altered to fit on a single 4.37GB ISO Just choose the 'write' option in IMGBurn, select you wii ISO image and let IMGBurn do its job. Try burning it at no more than x4 to start with, if that burns and plays okay, then try x8. I used to burn at x4, but now use x8 with no problems at all, but I use decent media and have a decent burner The quicker the burn rate the more chance you have of getting read errors, especially as the discs get scratched or grubby finger prints on them And DO spend a bit more and buy good quality media, you'll find you will get a lot less bad burns and 'issues' than using cheap bulk buy media
  4. Is that a dual-layer media you're using by any chance as some alleged 'quality' DL media is terrible and WILL fail around the layer break mark, I've had that problem myself and once you find DL media that burns fine stick to it Also avoid 'bargain bucket' DL media, and DO spend more money on better brands, even if its expensive as you'll get more satisfaction from that extra spent as you will get either no bad burns or very few They are in spindles of 50 or even 100 for a reason, its possibly B or C grade media, you need the best you can afford for things that you want to burn
  5. Could we have a tick option on the main screen as sometimes I don't want to delete the image just yet, but have to go through the settings at the moment Basically a 'delete image' tick box next to the 'verify image' tick box would be nice and simple Thanks
  6. Yes, IMGBurn does burn wii .ISO images quite happily, but you WILL need to get your console chipped/modded No, there isn't any way around this as its there for a reason, no there isn't a 'swap disc method'. Either you get it chipped or you can't play 'backups' And make sure you don't burn faster than x4 and use 'good quality' media, not bargain basement rejects avoiding 'special offers' they are there for a reason it will only cost you more time and more cash to go out and buy better media, you will have problems No, we can't tell you where to find the images, just burn them like you would any other ISO image and thats all you need to worry about for burning, playing them after is another subject on another forum with the fun in getting other region games to work
  7. The problem is if you're media burn rates are not low enough then no software will burn lower than that as the media is telling the burner that it will only burn at a minimum of xxx speed I have some CDR media I use that refuses to burn at x8 as the media doesn't support that speed, so I have to burn my audio at x4 as the next speed is x10 which causes skipping problems on older CD players as its too fast a burn And yes burning slower, especially with audio, will make it play without skipping on older CD players I've proved it in the past when I burnt a CD at x16 by accident and it skipped badly, re-burnt it on the same media, with the same software and same audio tracks on the same CD player, but burnt at x8 and it played perfectly In car CD players are the worst for skipping if burnt to fast
  8. Not 'simple' when you using other applications at the same time as that means having to stop whatever you are doing and reset, then start whatever you were doing again Thats like saying the lights on your car don't work because you played a CD, but if you stop the car and remove the battery and put back in again, then the lights will work. Simple I shouldn't have to restart my system just because a 'copy' protection has locked any other software getting exclusive access to all my drives In fact, heres another 'feature' of SecureRom 7.xx I found today as I went to rip some DVDs, the drives refused to even recognise there was a disc in any of them, DVD Decrypter didn't see anything in the drives nor did AnyDVD, just sat there patiently telling me the drive wasn't ready I played BioShock last night, so restarted my computer again, oh look everything is back as it should be with the previously unrecognised DVDs now ripping as they should have done before playing BioShock So thats another reason I'll be joining the long list of complaints aimed at the company that decided to use SecureRom to 'protect' their game
  9. I have been getting the drive unable to lock exclusive access error and couldn't work out why, after running the sysinternal sutil to scan for anything locking the drive but nothing ever appears, even after searching for the actual drive label I still get nothing is locking access to the drive, after a reset everything is back to normal I've recently been playing BioShock and had a game last night, tried to burn a DVD today and its not letting me get exclusive access again to the DVD burner, but the only thing I have run recently is BioShock I had a quick look via Google as the game is using Securerom v7.xx and found a small link to DaemonTools that mentions Securerom gets exclusive access to the drivers as its a low level driver My system runs fine, apart from MediaPlayer Classic doesn't like playing anything and just sits there taking an absolute age to do respond in any way after playing BioShock as well, which I find a bit weird, again all is well after a reset Any suggestions if BioShock or more accurately their use of Securerom low level drivers are locking access to my drives, so forcing me to do a reset if I actually want to burn anything, which isn't fatal as I don't lose a blank, just annoying Thanks
  10. I get this "error" as well, but the DVD plays perfectly, so I find its not a problem, just annoying having this message pop-up I have read that on the forum this "bug" should be fixed in the next release, just letting others know they are not on their own I believe I ran this DVD through VOBBlanker to get rid of the annoying wait for the titles before you get to the main episode selection menu, so maybe the build process of VOBBuilder is at fault in writing something wrong Try FixVTS, even bought DVDs go screwy sometime when i back them up, so running a suspect DVD through that cures strange problems Yes, I can use the jump to menu button on the remote, but I am now using VOBlanker to get rid of useless rubbish that just wastes my time while they show their logos, warnings and advertising other DVDs that unless you have the software to strip the codes have to sit through everytime you want to play that DVD Unless you backup you're precious originals, which what I do anyway
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