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  1. Dorttocs

    understanding layer breaks

    Is a higher or lower padding number desired, or doesnt it really matter?
  2. Dorttocs


    LUK are you really working on adding this to IMGBurn? That would be that cats A$$!
  3. Dorttocs


    I was just curious... Does LUK do this as a side project and have a 9-5, or is this a full time gig? I am very grateful for the awesome free stuff that is out there. The firmware from the Dangerous Bros. is another prime example. It seems like these guys/gals and the testers spend so much time on this, I wonder how they do it. Just a big thanks to all who work so hard for the benefit of others!
  4. Dorttocs

    LG Firmwares?

    Not sure about your specific drives, but the Dangerous Bros. just hooked us LG GSA-4167B users with a riplock free firmware that works great. Maybe you could try them. They were pretty quick too. http://forum.rpc1.org/viewforum.php?f=12
  5. Dorttocs

    How long did your burner live?

    I have had a couple of DVD burners now, and they didnt seem to live that long. My recent burner was a Sony DRU-710A. It lasted about 1 year(right after the warranty expired ) and about 400 burns. Is that bout average? I now have an LG 4167B...hoping it will last a little longer. The prices are so good on new burners, that I dont get to bent out of shape when it comes to buying a new one.
  6. Dorttocs

    How long should DVD Media Last?

    I heard the number of around 5 Years. I realize all media are made of different qualities. I am currently using Verbatim media. Do I need to worry about re-burning my movies after 5 years?
  7. Dorttocs

    pioneer 109 rip speed

    My new LG GSA-4167B will only rip at around 4X. Is there a way to change/fix that?
  8. Dorttocs

    What is the best Burner?

    I have been using a Sony DRU-710A and I think it died on me today. The drive worked well while it lasted. I have read reviews that Sony drives are not all that great. Can anyone recommend a good affordable DL Burner? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Dorttocs

    What is the best Burner?

    What is Scanning used for? Is that done after a burn, like a verify?
  10. Dorttocs

    What is the best Burner?

    I had a post removed a couple of months ago, but yesterday I replied to this topic as to the burner I ended up buying(LG GSA 4167B OEM) and if anybody had any comments/experience with that particular burner.
  11. Dorttocs

    What is the best Burner?

    Why are some of the replies missing from this post that were here yesterday, including one that I made?
  12. Dorttocs

    Sony Book Type

    Is there a way to change the Book Type setting for my Sony DRU-710A?
  13. Dorttocs

    Sony Book Type

    *Quick Update* Used the EEPROM setting and the physical format did record the DVD-ROM book type. Thank You!!
  14. Dorttocs

    Sony Book Type

    I did not try the the EEPROM setting before I burned my last DVD, so I will see what happens when I have my next DVD to burn. The previous DVD did play on all of my home DVD players, so either way I guess I am OK. I will keep ya posted. Thanks for the help!
  15. Dorttocs

    Sony Book Type

    I tried using the Lite-On setting, but it still says DVD+R DL
  16. I have a Sony DRU-710A and tried the Memorex DVD+R DL, made all coasters. Just bought some Verbatim DVD+R DL and success on the first try!

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