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  1. It seems there is a newer firmware released for you drive https://www.firmwarehq.com/Samsung/SH-S223C/files.html Try update the drive with the SB07 (now it's on SB04), it may help or not. Remove the disc from the drive when flashing it.
  2. HA HA, now CMC owns TY too. At least the disc production line. Does anybody produce discs this days apart from CMC?
  3. The verify function is alright. It tells you that the disc can be read back at least in the same drive that it was burned. Now, other drives can be picky and can't read what other drive burned correctly by whatever reason. What you can do is to make sure that you are using quality discs such as Verbatim. But even Verbatim comes in good and bad flavour. Since you didn't post a log so we can see witch type of disc you used please do so. You can find old logs via Help menu.
  4. It's not a limitation of ImgBurn current release. Most probably the enclosure is the culprit. ImgBurn knows USB 3.0 from - 16th June 2013 The changelog clearly states: Added: The effective USB connection speed (1.1, 2.0, 3.0) for USB devices to the initial device scan log entries.
  5. Why not? It's the same as ejecting the drive and replace the disc in the drive, the installer picks it up and continues the process.
  6. I remember when they announced the aquizition, they acquired the whole line of production and the technology from TY and prommissed to continue the line and produce the same dye as was produce by TY, so that line become CMC Pro Powered by TY Technology.
  7. I think it's worth to try it. I mean, when the device is rejected from the system there are some remains left that prevents the system to assign a new instance of that device in other place of the system of the same device that once was connected and the system is trying to match it back to the old connection but something isn't quite right in pairing it back. So, the clear of the ghosts it forces the system to re-recognize the device as it's a new one never connected so it assigns it correctly this time.
  8. @dbminter Did you tried to remove the device from the system insted of restart to see if it works without the restart thing? Can you try one of these methods? I'm curious if it works. I did the manual thing in the Device Manager for an external Hard Drive that was not recognized in any USB port for unknown reason (probably drive letter assign missmatch) and worked. https://www.raymond.cc/blog/uninstall-hidden-devices-calling-ghostbuster/
  9. I'm not an expert in this field. I'm using ESET. Google should help you find more info.
  10. Your antivirus should be doing its job if it's a decent one.
  11. Don't bother with the manager if you can get the file directly.
  12. Please, read the small text.
  13. I think it reffers to as you can't burn to multiple drives like a duplicator does. Only one session to one drive. Not one session to multi drives.
  14. From all that discs I remember that free month of antivirus. So if you buy the magazin every month, you have free antivirus all year long.
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