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  1. layer

    sata controller...

    hello, i have two diferent computers running win7 sp1, 32 and 64b, on the first one (32b) I have tons of problems burning DL's, most fail at 50% or 99-100%, if i remove the 2 burners and install them on the second computer i have no problems burning dl's... so it is possible to the cause be the sata controller? 1º amd sb710(IDE or ahci), 2º nvidia 630a(raid 0) i use the same cakebox on the two computers
  2. layer

    no layer break

    i searched for "layer break" grr
  3. layer

    no layer break

    Hello, i have converted one mkv with convertx, now i whant to burn it... i receive that error, i understand it but i don't know what to do.... --------------------------- ImgBurn --------------------------- Unable to find any cells that could be used for the layer break! Now would be a good time to start crying, because technically, this is the end of the world. The layer break must be between sectors 2038688 and 2086912. Sector 2038688 falls within VTS_01 (Title), which starts at sector 418. Relative to the start of VTS_01 (Title), the layer break must be between sectors 2038270 and 2086494. Relative sector 2038270 falls within PGC 1, Cell 10, which starts at relative sector 1922200. Relative to the start of Cell 10, try splitting between sectors 116070 (226,7 MB) and 164294 (320,89 MB). Do you want to continue anyway? (Not Recommended!) --------------------------- Yes No ---------------------------
  4. layer

    The 'Translations' Topic!

    hie, Portuguese Portugal, updated thanks
  5. layer

    Delete files from BUILD mode

    That's not what you said, but OK. when you are in ISO burning mode what options do you have to delete something? only one, delete ISO when done.
  6. layer

    Delete files from BUILD mode

    nope, as i said, like in ISO mode, delete the burned files when done.
  7. hie, will be great if imgburn can delete the files we have added in build mode, like in ISO mode... Many thanks
  8. layer

    Just plain wrong

    now is "better"
  9. layer

    Just plain wrong

    this should be deleted
  10. layer

    Blue Screen @ Sata burner

    This almost sounds painfull. English is not my first language, but i think i don't have said anything wrong, wright?
  11. layer

    Image Tree

    you can use the e-mail from my registration here...
  12. layer

    Image Tree

    106 files humm i have created manually video_ts folder, imgburn is asking now for a layer break but i don't have any Good or better star...
  13. layer

    Image Tree

    Hello, i have one DVD on my HDD , i'm trying to burn them in build mode, but i receive: I 17:04:57 Building Image Tree... E 17:04:57 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:00 how can i do that?
  14. layer

    Blue Screen @ Sata burner

    i have tested all config that i can remember, only one solution, unninstall the ULi driver and use the default legacy Microsoft driver... if you want i can try to discover the command, how can i do that?

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