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    Burning Multisession Data Discs

    This is the only feature that makes ImgBurn slightly inferior to other burning softwares. It should really have this feature. Hoping ... Oh fudge! Windows built-in burning feature really leaves a lot to be desired. I tried IMGBurn specifically to find a burner app I could use across WinXP SP3 and Win7x64 Home Premium so I could use the same software while moving my Bluray drive around in its external eSATA enclosure to my various PCs here on our LAN. Well, if IMGBurn can't do multisession, I then I guess I'm still looking for a burner app. (Any chance IMGBurn might support this in the future? I'm really surprised it doesn't.) Thanks for the quick reply!!
  2. Rockfella

    Thank you!

    Hi, Just wanted to say i am amazed at the simplicity of this tool called "ImgBurn". It works great and is super compact compared to NERO. NICE! Vivek.
  3. Rockfella

    Please see error screen shot and help me!

    Sure i will ask him to find the log file and post it here. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, my friend whom i've moved from NERO to the excellent ImgBurn got this error message while burning a blank CD. Please suggest what could be the problem. Thanks in advance. PS: There is high probability that the optical drive maybe not working properly but i wanted to make sure about what the exact problem is.
  5. Rockfella

    ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released!

    Guys does it support multi session now???
  6. Rockfella

    Img burn disks won't play on sony

    Hi all, I burnt some movies using ImgBrn and some cheap blanks, some movies play on my friend's dvd player some dont. I was wondering if i have to make some changes in settings of ImgBrn OR the defualt settings works fine. All i wanna do is burn divx movies from my hdd on blanks and play it on DVD player of my friend. TIA. ~Vivek~

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