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  1. Jerseyguy

    Happy birthday Jersey Guy

    Thanks to everyone!!
  2. Jerseyguy


    i think if Lightning was upset about it he would have said something long ago,plus i think that there are a LOT more things on the internet that could harm The Children then some avatar that is about 1in x 1in. The PC police have found us! you could do what dontasciime has said or if its your kids your worried about stand over their shoulder while they are on the computer or send them outside to play.
  3. Jerseyguy

    Something a little different

    You need to get out more son..
  4. Jerseyguy

    Happy Birthday dbminter!

    :happybday: :happybday: have a fun day!
  5. Jerseyguy

    I'm back, kind of

    i remember you..welcome back
  6. Jerseyguy


    How much is a little bit of money? just so we can get a idea on what you want to spend, i just spent $900 on my new system. and that was just for a processor, motherboard, memory and video card.
  7. Jerseyguy


  8. Jerseyguy


    man can that guy dance...
  9. Jerseyguy

    where did forum go?

    clinks was closed last week..it will be missed.. don't know about doghouse..
  10. Jerseyguy

    More Problems with Neighbor

    hey want me to get a few of my fedx and dhl friends plus a few Ups trucks to take lunch every day at your house just to piss her off more?
  11. Jerseyguy

    Help with the name of a Movie

    he cant remember the name of the movie...and you trust him to remember if there is a part 2?
  12. Jerseyguy

    Interesting response to Internet Explorer...

    ok which one of you guys is Michael Alan Crooker
  13. Jerseyguy

    LiteOn 20x

    ok which one should i buy? im still using my old pioneer 106d it hasn't failed me yet but it is starting to get a bit buggy..of these too what is recommended? or if not one of these which one?
  14. Jerseyguy


    wait this place is slipping..to let this line go and no comments.. ^^^ happy birthday volvo !!!
  15. Jerseyguy

    Blade 4

  16. Jerseyguy

    5000 members

    lol here is something i don't get...it says "We have 4,953 registered members" but Altercuno is Member No.: 5,786 is it me or am i missing something??
  17. Jerseyguy

    no "write" button or icon

    heres how to take a screen shot..how to and post it here here
  18. Jerseyguy

    Just think this is neat

    im still stumped about why this thread is still here...
  19. Jerseyguy

    Happy birthday polo

    Happy Birthday!!
  20. Jerseyguy

    asf files

    hey all..how's everyone doing? sorry i have not been around a lot,but i had a lot of things to do, and i think i got most of them done except for this. i have xm radio and while its great in the car it sucks indoors at work. so i got a program (wm recorder) that records the shows i like from the xm site on the internet. (no internet at work). but the files are .asf and my little mp3 player wont play them. so i need to convert and hopefully for free. asf to mp3 or wav anyone know of any free programs to do this..? thanks jerseyguy
  21. Jerseyguy

    asf files

    thanks lfcrule nope haven't heard a peep from him. we might have scared him away with all the party plans we had for him..
  22. Jerseyguy

    asf files

    thanks polo..worked like a charm... and thank you Movie Junkie
  23. Jerseyguy


    my one and only water cooled rig is one of these.here .but i don't remember paying those prices about 4 years ago. temps always between 19c and 20c idle and 23c to 26c playing games.
  24. Jerseyguy

    Just think this is neat

    i don't get it....im stumped...

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