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  1. Does Read mode automatically "scan" for drives with available content? I ask because I've noticed sometimes I've left the drive input source on a drive that doesn't have a disc in it, but when I open Read mode, Read mode automatically has loaded a different drive that does have a disc in it. e.g. I'll have left the input source last on K:, an optical drive that I last read something from, but I'll have mounted a disc image to L:, one of my virtual drives, and, when I start ImgBurn in Read mode, it doesn't default to K: but instead to L: and loads its contents. Thanks!
  2. dbminter

    IMGBURN fails on BD 50 GB recording. TDK BD-WFA-00

    It's probably freezing at the layer break. Dual layer media, generally, is only reliable when Verbatim makes it. At least as far as DVD goes. Although I had no problems with TDK DVD+R DL in the past. Anyway, try Verbatim BD-R 50 and see if that helps. I've had several Pioneer BD drives and, while I've never used BD-R 50 in them, I have used BD-RE 50 many times in them.
  3. dbminter

    An .mds file accompanies the .iso

    Are you saying there's a PRE in front of the file name and not just the file name itself being PRE.ISO and PRE.MDS? Meaning, do you have a PRE File Name.ISO and PRE File Name.MDS? If you don't and have a PRE.ISO and PRE.MDS that file name is most likely generated from the disc label on the disc you're making an image of. If you're saying you have a PRE File Name.ISO and PRE File Name.MDS files, I can't explain where the PRE is coming from.
  4. dbminter

    An .mds file accompanies the .iso

    Open it in ImgBurn like you would an ISO file. Or MDS may be already associated with the ImgBurn software so double clicking on the MDS file might work, too. You say these are software discs you were making ISO's of. What probably happened is ISO could no longer be used for that particular disc and another format was used instead that generated a related MDS file. Are you sure an ISO file was still created? Also, an MDS could be generated, I suppose, for DVD-9 software installation discs to preserve the layer break. I'm not sure.
  5. dbminter

    Mono as stereo

    Or searching for TP for his bunghole? Actually, in this day and age, when people are hoarding TP, it may not be too far off! It was only within the last week that, locally, stores had toilet paper in stock on the shelves. So, I bought 60 rolls!
  6. dbminter

    Mono as stereo

    Wow, cornholio, where have you been?
  7. dbminter

    Disable Removal of filtered files?

    Interestingly enough, it worked, regardless. I checked the burned result and the previously filtered out files were there. However, it may have been precisely what I needed. I said it was a DVD-ROM installer but it was actually the data portion installed on a DVD Video. While it was an installer and needed those files, the disc was a DVD Video. So, maybe that's why it worked. I already had those Options checked and the files were still being filtered. So, the options I found were what I was looking for. What you suggested wouldn't have helped.
  8. dbminter

    Question about seamless option

    The problem with MKV that is not present in AVI is when you try to edit MKV with AVIDeMux. When MKV's are loaded, it can take up to 20 seconds, each time it's loaded, to process some kind of frame collection, I forget what it's called. I actually use MP4, and, well, I'm man enough to admit it. I made a mistake when I said AVI. I meant to say MP4. As for the layer breaks, I was talking about DVD-5. Yes, even though they're not needed on DVD-5, layer breaks can be present from left over, sloppy authoring.
  9. dbminter

    Invalid Write Address, DVD+R DL

    Don't know if it means your drive isn't working but it probably means there's some kind of firmware conflict between it and those discs you're trying to burn to. Plus, your log said you had a slim model burner. Slim models are notorious for being relatively junk. That's why I use half height models. In an external enclosure because I have no internal half height bays in my PC.
  10. dbminter

    Disable Removal of filtered files?

    Ah, think I found it. Seems that it's Tools --> Settings --> Build --> Page 2 --> DVD Video --> Uncheck Filter Folder Content. I set it back after testing it out.
  11. I need to disable the Removal of filtered files by ImgBurn. It wants to remove 3 Thumbs.db files from 3 different subdirectories, but the files are required to get the software to work. It's a DVD-ROM software disc and needs those DB files. Otherwise, the software won't even install. Thanks!
  12. dbminter

    Question about seamless option

    One way to remove stray layer breaks, though it doesn't always work, is to use DVDShrink. It can remove most, but not all, layer breaks and you can choose no compression if you want a "1:1." (It's still not entirely one to one because a.) the layer breaks are taken out and b.) there's is some conversion that goes on even if no compression is chosen.) I use Handbrake to convert DVD/BD to containers. It can retain things like subtitles and audio streams, however, it doesn't do it automatically. You have to remember each time to choose to add all subtitle/audio streams. And it's free. Just make sure to use MKV when converting from BD because some subtitles in BD will always be converted into hard, burned in subtitles on AVI because of some kind of stupid limitation in AVI.
  13. dbminter

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    35 AV engines flag it which just meant 35 AV engine programmers are lazy. It's not a virus and AV software should not be judging what is a PUP or not all on their arbitrary own. But what you say has some weight. People might panic and not install ImgBurn, particularly if they CAN'T install it if their AV package refuses to allow it through. As I said, fusion.dll is basically there for anything that uses Microsoft .NET framework. To avoid conflicting versions of the DLL, some applications install the version it was compiled with. That's why there are multiple copies of the file. A long time time ago, Visual Basic was a common culprit of this practice. Many times, your base VB DLL was out of date and an application wouldn't run, requiring you to manually replace your copy with the latest version. To avoid repeating such problematic mistakes of the past for the novice user, multiple copies of DLL's get installed in different places now. Or fusion.dll could be a necessary part of the installation process if ImgBurn's installer uses Microsoft .NET Framework. However, I'm more likely to go with the wrapper (Which I will describe below.) theory. That if fusion.dll is being flagged as a PUP, it's based on the wrapper around the ImgBurn installer. Fusion.dll is probably part of the package known as IronS something that replaced OpenCandy. OpenCandy was the wrapper around the software that phoned home and offered users free software as "advertising." That's how ImgBurn remained free software. Then, OpenCandy went out of business and IronS something stepped up in its place.
  14. dbminter

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    You'd get that behavior regardless of it you were or weren't click happy or the mirror you downloaded it from. Your AV package is flagging fusion.dll as an apparent PUP. There might be a way to exclude that false positive or add the file to a white list, but I don't know how to do that in Kaspersky. At the worst, you can temporarily disable your AV scanner long enough to install the application and then re-enable it, but I can't guarantee Kaspersky won't flag trying to run ImgBurn itself as something that isn't kosher, even though it is.
  15. dbminter

    Downloaded Imgburn won't run

    If I may quote The Lawnmower Man: "I AM GOD HERE!" Yes, but I also told you not to get click happy because ImgBurn's installer may offer you other software you won't want to install. That's probably what Fusion.dll does in this case. In the old days, it was OpenCandy, which went out of business. Now, it's something else. It will offer you other software installs because that's how ImgBurn can remain free software. Fusion.dll is actually called by Microsoft's .NET Framework, which powers many applications today. Other mirrors are a bit more insidious about how they might force unwanted programs on you. That's why I suggested Mirror 7. I admit, I failed to mention on the Reflect forums the possibility an AV software package flagging ImgBurn as a "virus" because of PUP's. They're not viruses but because people get click happy and don't read what they're agreeing to, they often times get unwanted programs installed by free software. So, rather than do the work themselves to flag PUP's as PUP's, AV vendors flag them as viruses, even though it's generally the users' fault that they got something they didn't want.

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