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  1. dbminter

    Disc help

    Yeah, what you're looking for is to avoid CMC. What you want (In most cases. Not all drives work the same way, like the WH16NS60 BD burner.) is Verbatim DataLife Plus discs. Or, as LUK said, ones listed as AZO. DON'T get the Life Series Verbatim you find in stores; those are CMC. The DataLife Plus/AZO discs are only found in online stores like Amazon.com.
  2. Ah, you're right. It was .DVD files I was thinking of.
  3. Here's the technical reason. I think if you set the option to do so, MDS files are created with exact directory names pointing to the file names. So, unless those parts are copied into the same directory structure with the same names as in that kind of MDS, the MDS file won't work. However, I think the default is MDS files are created with just file names, so the MDS file will look in the same directory that the MDS file is located in. Another workaround for that case is to edit the MDS file, which is just a simple text document, to remove the directory structure names from the file names.
  4. Splitting DVD-9's onto 2 DVD-5' was something I used to do back before they made DVD-9 recordable discs. I'd take a DVD-9 and image it, with file splitting at the 1 GB mark, and then copy the first 4 parts to one DVD-5 and the remaining parts to the 2nd. So, your idea to split into parts and e-mailing them is feasible. The recipient can then collect all the parts and MDS into one folder. For somewhat technical reasons, the MDS may not work when sent to him. If it doesn't, he can always use ImgBurn on his end and create a new working MDS from the parts.
  5. I think the OP might be someone who was asking previously about how to image a disc into multiple ISO files for splitting. And I think, maybe, they think the File Splitting option would do that for them. Something about a flight simulator disc, I think, if it's the same person.
  6. No, because there's no need. XX.100 and XX.101 are NOT ISO's. They are two parts of the SAME ISO. You don't need to recombine them because the MDS file will combine the two parts into the one ISO you created when you burn the MDS file.
  7. Those aren't two ISO's you created. When you use the split files function, you've created a string of separate files for one image. It's still a single disc. But, in order to burn the single disc, load the .MDS file in the Write function. There's no way to burn each individual part. And, even if you could, you would not get a viable disc in the end.
  8. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Well, as you can see from my last reply, the 24th of July, how long it took, but I got those Chinese people to SAY they sent me the proper thing this time. They said they looked it up and they did send me the wrong item. Got a new tracking number with a different shipper, but I still bet it takes 2 months like before. And, if they send me disposable GLOVES this time I'm requesting a refund and if I don't get it, I'm disputing the charge. If Paypal won't dispute it because too much time has passed, I'll take it up with my credit card themselves. I've been more than fair in trying to get the company to resolve this issue, but my patience only goes so far.
  9. dbminter

    Copy a DVD into two DVDs

    The short answer is, no, you don't. The easiest solution is to use a DVD DL. However, there is a way, but it's a bit complicated and it may not work as intended. For instance, if this flight simulator runs from the disc, you need all the files on one disc. If it's just an installer disc, you can split the contents up into two discs and when you need to install it, copy the contents from both discs to a temporary folder on an HDD, SDD, or flash drive. However, the installer might be expecting the contents on a disc as a copy protection method. If the software runs from the disc without needing to be installed, you can copy the contents of the discs(s) to HDD and run it from there. Anyway, what MIGHT work is to create 2 different ISO's where you've split the contents across ISO's. Some in one ISO and the rest in the 2nd. Then, burn each ISO onto separate DVD-5's. What you might want to invest in trying, though, is get a cheap flash drive with 6 to 8 GB on it and copy the contents to a flash drive instead of having 2 different optical discs.
  10. Most likely, your drive doesn't like those Sony made discs. There are 2 things I'd try. If you're insisting on using these Sony discs, which I wouldn't because Sony has made little but junk since 2002, you can try checking for a firmware update to your drive. Updating the firmware would probably be the only way to get that drive and those discs to work together. In Write mode, right click on the drive letter and choose the option near the bottom of the context menu about checking for a firmware update. The thing I would do is try using different discs. I recommend Verbatim DataLife Plus or genuine Taiyo Yuden. Do NOT get the Verbatim Life Series you find in stores. Those are even worse CMC junk. Even though CMC now owns Verbatim! You can only find the DataLife Plus/AZO discs in online stores like Amazon.com. Although, granted, I don't think I've ever come across a No current error before.
  11. Verbatim has always made 2 grades of media. The high quality it outsources to Mitsubishi and the lower quality junk they outsourced to CMC. Ever since CMC bought Verbatim, I've been waiting for the shoe to drop and for them to switch over to all CMC crap. It has already started with their DVD+R. They used to work in the LG WH16NS60. After the sale, they apparently changed the manufacturing process and they don't work anymore. CMC also bought up the other only high quality manufacturer, Taiyo Yuden. So far, the higher quality TY is still available, although CMC has started appearing with TY DID's on them. These were the last ones I bought from Amazon.com in the US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008L3HV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They only have 18 left, though, if you wanted to get some from them. And these are the branded ones, not the inkjet printable ones. These are the inkjet printable ones I got last time, 5 years ago: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001LS35W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Before I even read the log, I was relatively sure what it was. Here's your most likely culprit: I 13:17:04 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m26s66f, CMC Magnetics Corp.) Don't use cheap CMC junk. CMC makes the worst optical media out there. Buy Verbatim DataLife Plus/AZO. Do NOT buy the Verbatim Life series you find in stores. Those are CMC. You can only find the good stuff in online stores like Amazon.com or directly from Verbatim. Although, get this... CMC now OWNS Verbatim! About half the problems we see on this board are caused by CMC media. And most of those problems do disappear when quality media is used. ALTHOUGH, this troubles me: W 13:26:02 Note: The drive probably corrected the EDC Area because it's wrong in the image file. This would be something caused by the drive correcting a problem in the image. Which would either mean the image is bad or you have to get a drive that doesn't autocorrect, if there is such a thing. LUK would have to chime in on that one. I've never seen that error before, I don't think.
  13. It's not an entirely hopeless situation; just relatively hopeless. Personally, I'd give up, but there are other things you could try, which will most likely not bear fruit. First, check for a firmware update for your drive. That might help. In Write mode, right click on the drive letter and choose the option near the bottom of the context menu for checking for firmware update. If anything will work other than using different discs on this drive, it's the hope that a firmware update provides better quality control. The other thing is try a different drive. See if you have better results with something else. Those are your only other options, IMO.
  14. Why would your AV allow the other downloads but NOT the official mirror? What error does it exactly throw out? I'd think if it isn't allowing on one mirror, it would fail on ALL mirrors. Unless, of course, your AV is crapping out over a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) "error." This is not an error or a virus alert. It's part of ImgBurn software that people who get click happy don't pay attention and end up installing things they may not want. PUP's are NOT viruses, but AV vendors are so lazy they label them as viruses to make their jobs easier.
  15. Yes, don't use anything else other than Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD+R DL for DVD DL. Do NOT use the Verbatim Life Series you find in brick and mortar stores. Those are CMC and they're WORSE crap than Ritek! You can only find the DataLife Plus discs in online stores like Amazon.

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