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  1. Absolutely nothing mate If I had paid for Nero I would be looking for them to support their program.....
  2. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1779 Follow the guide above and it will burn the folder that contains all your pics to disc for you You need ImgBurn to be in build mode.... but the guide takes you through step by step what to do. A lot of the guide refers to using build for video files but it can be used to burn a folder containing jpegs as well.
  3. I think you don't really want anything here other than to make silly remarks about a free to use program and try to stir up a shitstorm..... if you don't like the features that are fully customisable for users what are you really expecting Lightning UK! to do ? Make you and you alone your own personal copy of ImgBurn that is set up for you ??? I think donta was right about you on the 1st page.
  4. I just wouldn't bother mate - the DVD-R DL's seem worse than useless to me - I still have 2 or 3 from some disc tests I did a couple of years ago, I have never found a use for them.
  5. If the Australian Govt wishes to make a donation though that would be 'fine' too !!
  6. Has anyone ever found a use for those DVD-R DL's ???
  7. 'tis' ?? Has volvo hijacked blu's login ?
  8. Not as late as me tho Volvo - sorry Corny, hope you had a great day in your birthday suit with Jill !!!
  9. Awww shit Mike sorry to hear that things aint too good for you.......... you know where we are if you want to chat anything through.
  10. As posted above by mmalves and loco try some decent quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbs
  11. There have been a number of posts lately where we have seen problems with Dual Layer burns, they have all been using DL discs that weren't Verbatims with the MKM-001 dye........ I really don't think it's worth the hassle - burning to DLs if you don't have Verbs.
  12. Also have you tried burning with decent Dual Layer media like Verbatim with the MKM-001 dye from Singapore ? You might get some burns that finish alright with the Memorex ones but I wouldn't bother myself......
  13. As with all updates I don't have to know why it's been issued just that it has...... I wouldn't blindly update everything I own but ImgBurn is one that I definitely would...... For no other reason than we only give help and advice on the latest version - therefore if you want help and advice you need to be using the same release as the rest of us.
  14. I am not able to help with the hanging problem - but I would suggest that switching away from CMC MAG media will probably help the write errors you saw in the log above. Get either Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media and see how that goes - CMC MAG is just about the worst pile of unreliable crap out there. You will get some ok burns and some that fail, those that do work probably won't last very long.
  15. It appears that ImgBurn has done it's job properly, like Cynthia I don't really understand your problem. If there is no audio have you checked the source files ?
  16. As donta said, most if not all of the probs we see with DL burning can be traced back to crappy media. There really is only one media type worth using and its the Verbatim MKM-001 dye.
  17. Also, try and be careful about how you word your posts We don't encourage any form of piracy here
  18. Pleased to see you got it sorted, are the fans on the replacement PS3 louder than your original 60gb one ? I have a 60gb PS3 as well but I only ever notice the fans if I sit right next to the PS3 and play online for a couple of hours...... Even then it's not what I would call obtrusive...... must be lucky I guess.
  19. I play a lot of online games with the PS3 and therefore have no choice but to update my PS3. I updated to 2.40 when it first came out and like all my PSN buddies had no problems with it at all. I am also a regular on the Sony PS3 forums and whilst it's true there were a few issues with the fw update Sony fixed them real quick and there is no reason to not be on the latest firmware now
  20. I haven't had to update my FW for a while (mainly cos RPC1 is down and I can't be arsed to chase all over the internet checking for updated ones ) but all of a sudden it appears that there are all sorts of safety checks to do first. I always used to close down any prog that might be accessing the drive and then just update the bloody thing ! Have there been some probs that have made fw providers nervous all of a sudden ? Regards
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