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  1. lantern

    ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 Released!

    Thank you for the great software!
  2. lantern

    imgburn and shrink

    For a wealth of info on video backup you could try Videohelp. They have a glossary of terms.
  3. lantern

    imgburn and shrink

    If you have already generated the DVD files (video_ts/audio_ts) you can create an iso image using imgtools_classic 0.91.6 from Coujo download here. You need to scroll down to find ImgTool Classic. This is already set up to burn directly with Imgburn.
  4. lantern

    Auto burn w/ rebuilder

    Thanks, I use 2-pass with CCE
  5. lantern

    Auto burn w/ rebuilder

    l8nights, What settings do you use for achieving <1hr encodes? My encodes generally take 3-4 hours. Thanks
  6. lantern

    ImgBurn v1.0.0.0 Released!

    Thanks for the great tool!

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