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  1. He said dock not dick, Minty . Braggart! Keep your sex life to yourself!
  2. You know, it really ain't a bad ass for a gif. Can we assume that it's an elf-dude? It could be a drunken elfette.
  3. I hope you did what any good father must and check'd the quality of the material being smoked. Can't have the kid smoking cheap shit. :& Should I catch my daughter in more than a few yrs (she just turned seven) I will feel compelled to perform the above-mentioned quality test. It's a parental duty, man.
  4. Pain_Man

    Slysoft Foxes?

    Sorry, amigo, I do not see it. Perhaps you should do a back up and see it if it is still there?
  5. Gerald Ford dead at 93 The only president neither elected to the Presidency or the Vice Presidency, Ford died last night at his home in California. He and Abraham Lincoln were the only Presidents to testify before Congressional committees. (Lincoln appeared to defend accusations that his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was pro-Southern.) {The story's not completely objective, but then, what is?}
  6. Pain_Man

    The Honest iPod

    Ya gotta love this... the source....
  7. From wikipedia via Babylon: The didgeridoo (or didjeridu) is a unique wind instrument of the Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe". Musicologists classify it as an aerophone. There's some weird shit on wikipedia. Play your digeridoo!
  8. You raise a good question with that last one. I was staggered that they offered 1GB for free. I was only hoping for 50MB like Yoxio, and would have settled for 10MB for free. But, what the hell, it's free. And they're a commerical org with ads. I donated to yoxio to keep it going. Apparently enough people didn't so it went bye-bye. I know that Cox (my broadband ISP) gives me 10MB of space for web pages. But, at this point, I don't intend to put up a web page (tho' in the near future I'm probably going to start my own political blog-type thing, but it seems easier to use one the established web sites that do that than create my own page; after all 10MBs is not a heullva lot for a webpage!). And, frankly, I have no idea how to do it. And I don't know if it can even be used for hosting images for posting on chatboards and the like.
  9. Thanks, amigo. Just Microsoft again! Someone--I forget who--sent me an article on 64-bit Windows. I ran across this line 32-bit DLL can't address memory space above 2GB. Which I find rather curious. If this is true, then why isn't the limit for 32-bit XP 2GB instead of 4GB? I realizing I'm probably revealing my (severe) lack of programming knowledge here. But it seems a little odd. However, could it not explain why some of these apps are having trouble reading all 4GBs while still being able to "see" the DIMMs? Document also says that 64-bit Windows can address 16GB of RAM. I don't have that much money! But I realize that this is for very memory intensive progs like the various flavors of CAD (Auto, Archi-, etc). And other "professional" applications like digital video processing. Article: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community...win/pw0801.mspx
  10. From my experience and I realize that since I've only been involved with optical media for three years (a short time compared to many here; many of the "IB Gods" as I call 'em). Drives: In my experience, the best have been Plextor and benq (not sure on the URL). Despite the fact that Benq was damaged (it would not upgrade FirmWare and the QSuite software necessary for burning DLs faster than the glacial 2.4x, didn't work; and this happened on two different computers so it was obviously the drive). Despite the problems with it, it was kick-ass drive and I recommend. In the US, you can usually get the DW1655 for $50-$70 depending on the website and if there's a sale or rebate. Plextors have also been great. I had a 716A for a long time. I've know bought a 760A which I rec'd and installed today. Already burned my first DL of Uncle Olddude's 117th birthday party. (Here's the ibg graph for those interested: ) I've had mixed experiences with the three Pioneer's I've owned (DVR-106, 107 [a rebadged Memorex True-8] and my last one 110D. The first two were solid drives (in fact I gave the first one to my brother when his burner refused to burn faster than 1x and he couldn't afford a new one; 4x is better than 1!). I had good results from them. The last one, the 110D, it was never as good as the first two. It's scans never matched the Benqs, often not even close. It's ibg (write graphs) always looked like someone in ventricular fibriliation (if that's the right term). It's burnt discs didn't scan well either (DVDs, that is; it's CDs always scanned great). I've got an LG that came with my new Gateway FX530G. So far, it's OK. It's on the slow side with DVDs (tho' with CDs it burns nicely). I know that LG burners have a bad rep amongst some people. I'll probably replace it at some point, but for now it's ok. (and also, it's the only drive left with the Gateway front bezel on it. When I replaced the CDRW/DVDROM, it screwed up the nice, slick look of the FX. But, oh well, function over form! Media But in my experience Verbatim makes the best DLs. (Veratim also makes good DVD5s as well; beware their CDs! A 50 pack I bought turned out to be CMCs!) Taiyo Yuden makes the best CDRs and DVD+/-Rs. (unfortunately, they don't make RWs of any kind). They also invented the dye technology for CDRs. While Taiyo does sell to rebranders/rebadgers (Fuji, for one, rebadges them, as does Sony, but you never know when a given brand is going to switch from Taiyos to Prodisc and suddenly you've got 50 DVDs that suck ass). So, therefore, always buy your Taiyo's directly from a reputable internet vendor. You'll never find them on store shelves under their own name (at least I never have). I use supermediastore.com and meritline.com (this is in the US; perhaps our UK, European, Aussie friends can put up trustworthy web merchants in their countries, areas). They prices are always good; keep in mind that Taiyos--barring the odd kick ass sale--are always going to be more expensive. But they are worth it. Most of us use a prog called DVDInfoPro to scan our disks (however, with the retirement of my damaged Benq 1655, it appears I won't be doing that anymore since neither the LG that came with my new machine or the Plextor 760A that I just rec'd and installed today, will interact with the Pi/Po scanning module).
  11. I went to Yoxio to post some images for a thread I wanted to start here only to be greeted by a page that announced, as of 23 DEC, they would be closing up shop. They say they can't compete with the numerous commercial players that are now around. Until the 23rd, you can retrieve your images by going to Yoxio's home page. You just log in, click the button and they download all your uploaded images into a .zip file. I've found an excellent alternative called Photobucket.com. Their free account gives you a GB (!) of image storage space for free. Here's the URL: Photobucket For $25 (a yr) you get 5GB. Now all the months I was using Roxio, I only stored 3.1MB of images. So the free 1GB Photobucket offers is more than enough unless you've got some monster webpage or something. But I won't be donating. I donated the $12 to yoxio.com to get the 50MB of space and they went under. B4 that I donated three times (I think it was three to) predecessor of a certain site. And it went bye-bye because of . I realize we can't mention so I have to resort to using this: . Curse the Evil Power! Curse them! Or, as an old buddy on mine's mother used to say, "Damn 'em all to hell, sonsabitches!" Of course, I know that certain are and I would never do anything to jeopardize . Especially given how much this person has given to all of us for free. He didn't what to . And that's the plain goddamned truth! There, I think I've covered it.
  12. Are these soccer/football cheerleaders? God-damn! Wow. NFL cheerleaders (college too) obviously need a serious wardrobe reevaluation. If high school cheerleaders dressed like this, there'd be a hue and cry loud enough to be heard on Mars.
  13. Jesus, you're right! I was so used to seeing his Enterprise avatar that it didn't dawn on me that is was him. Glad to have you back, Kirk.
  14. In the same since that "By Gosh" and "By Golly!" are both substitutes for "By God"--back in the days when such a mild phrase was considered as bad as "Goddamn it!" or "Jesus Christ!" "Bloody", that fav Brit expression, is really short for "God's Blood" (i.e. the Blood of Christ) also once a seriously blasphemous thing to say. So the English shortened to "'s blood!" and, finally, "bloody" hell, etc. It's easy to forget that once upon a time "taking the Lord's name in vain" (as my grandmother used to admonish me as a kid) used to be a serious crime. What that could get a metal spike driven through your tongue or even your tongue torn out of your mouth. All in the name of the God of Love and the Prince of Peace. Some I how, I doubt Jesus would be down with tearing people's tongues out for mere words. Speaking of religion = finally saw The DaVinci Code and, with the exception of Paul Bettany's awful Italian accent, I really liked it. I've got the book; now I'm going to read it. I love the idea that Mary Magdalene was supposed to be the head of the Church and not Peter. That the whole edifice of Catholicism, or more correctly, the Catholic Church, is built upon a millennia old conspiracy to silence the truth a murder the descendents of Christ. The whole idea is mind boggling. And Tom Hank's understated performance was quite good, imo.
  15. No problem. Thanks for the compliments you wrote as well the complement of quoting me. Plagirizing is quotation without attribution (like Doris Kearns Goodwin did in her bestseller The Fitzgeralds & the Kennedies. Stephen J. Ambrose appears to have done the same thing. I just let my alligator mouth overload my jay-bird ass on occasion (to steal a line from Smokey & the Bandit. I realized I'd annoyed some people and Minter confirmed it, so I felt that putting up this post. In effort, hopefully, to clear the air. Can't ever take back bad impressions, but most people don't hold it against you if you recognize where you fucked up and acknowledge it. Being disabled and pretty much at home all the time, I don't get out much. And as much as I love my 7 yr old daughter, she is 7 and my wife isn't interested in a lot of the stuff we here on this forum are. So it's a much needed outlet.
  16. Thanks, blu. I had no idea what the hell Irwin meant when he said that. I miss the guy. I know he embarassed some Australians (or so I've been told). But he was so balls out, so full of life. He's one of those that broke the mould. Now that he's gone, all the wannabe "Croc Hunters" (Aussie, American, etc) seem even more like poseurs than they did b4. IMO, that is.
  17. I have a program called Babylon. Basically it's a collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, databases, conversion engines (currency, metric->standard, etc) as well as foreign language translation. I have an Aussie Slang dictionary installed. When I punched in "Do" (the musical note "doh" not the verb), the Aussie Slang Dict. gave me like four dozen different Aussie expressions beginning with "do" (the verb)! I really had no idea how much slang y'all have. Australian has every right to be called a full-fledged dialect! PM, it's got nothing to do with insults, it's purely rhyming with the word yank. Yank > Septic tank. Cheque > Gooses neck. Commodore > Dunnydoor. (A very popular car in Oz) Holden Commodore, made by GM. Or GMH to us.
  18. Bien sur. You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  19. Thanks, random. On my P4HT Vaio, it saw 1.5GB with no problem. And, in fact, since the System Info applet does see the 4GB (as can be seen above). It's other applications, including System Properties that don't see the entire 4GBs. I'm getting the full benefit of the 4GB so I guess I shouldn't bitch too hard about this. I can do more with this machine and do if faster than any other computer I've ever had. As I right this I'm running a scan on a DVD, with Everest open, Thunderbird open, the UPS software running, and a shitload of background tasks. And it's still smoking. God I LOVE this computer!!! But it is Windows, so it ain't gonna be perfect. There's always gonna be weird ass glitches. That's true of the Mac too (tho' to a lesser extent). And probably of every OS. d
  20. Thanks blikkies. I'm confused; maybe I'm reading it wrong, but your post seems to contradicting itself. Im using 4gig ram on XP x64 and it has no problem seeing all the Ram. It will never show the full 4Gig on any system. Not trying to bust your cojones here, but which is it? Does XP 64 show the 4GBs or not? My processor can run XP 64 (but I see no reason to spend the extra cash on it considering how few 64bit apps there are and the fact that all device drivers have to be 64bit (according to Microsoft's website). So I don't see the need to make that jump at present. Actually, I do have a question about this, but that's for another thread.
  21. @MJ Hadn't heard that. Thanks. Has anyone else this? Or by some chance, have a MSFT KB article on it???!
  22. (!)FIRST: This is not as long as it looks. There are two big graphic files, so pls read!(!) As you can see, there are 4GB reported by SysInfo. With 2.39 available. Which means, of course, that 1.61GB are in play. The machine is a Gateway FX530G, Core Duo 2 2.67GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI 1950XTX Crossfire enabled 1GB VRAM, etc, etc. I checked the physical seating of the modules--fine. All the apps, even the one's failing to show the full 4GB, do display all four DIMMs as 1GB/667MHz.) The BIOS shows it. System Information correctly identifies the total amount of physical RAM. So why aren't the other programs?! Why is System Properties showing this? It's nice that I've gained an extra 100MHz, but where's the 1.01GB of RAM that SysInfo shows? Other programs also show 2.99GB (or 3068, 3069 or 3072MB depending upon the app). What gives? And, apparently, given how many applications I can run with ease, the RAMs obviously functioning correctly (I can burn CDs/DVDs, or scan them, while writing emails, while having both web browser's launched, using Babylon to look up words or translate foreign ones, etc). So I'm going to call Gateway again (the last guy I got didn't sound like he could tell you how to set the jumpers or a burner, let alone anything complicated). But I'd really like "a little help from my friends/I get ---- with a little, ooops, off topic. My feeling--granted, probably not worth much given my admittedly limited knowledge (compared to so many of our little group) is that nothing is really wrong. But I don't know that for sure. What I do know is that Everest, System Properties, RAMSaverPro, Codestuff Starter, TUT, TuneUp 2006 and other progs fail to show 4GB. --Maybe some of these apps aren't programmed to recornize this much ram? --What if it's just some API (right term?) glitch between the apps and the OS core (kernel?). I don't know. But I really want that memory I paid so much for (they're are about $200 ea retail, tho' I'm sure I got a discount because I bought them from a manufacturer) to show up! So, any thoughts at all?
  23. As I'm sure you know, polo, the UN diplomat's cars can't be towed, diplomatic immunity and all that bullshit. So they ignore all the traffic laws, park whereever they want to, etc. Well, the NY Cops have a way of dealing with that. Every so often, all the diplomatic limos get their windows busted out, their tail lights busted out, etc. Of course, no one saw nothing and there's no proof of who did it. So the City of NY tells the diplomats, in classic NY style, to go fuck their diplomatic immunity. Two Russian diplomats came out of a bar a few years back, were yelling, screaming, generally acting like, er, drunk Russian diplomats. Two NYPD uniforms came along and arrested them for drunk in public, distubring the peace, etc. The Russians get lippy, "We have diplomatic immunity, you fucking cop motherfuckers!" One Russian had his arm broken, the other his ass kicked. Both went to the hospital. Moscow pissed and moaned, of course. But Russian diplomats aren't talking shit to NY cops anymore. man I can attest to that ,leave it parked where it shouldn't be and its either ticketed ,towed or both .in NYC they dont differenciate among the sexes of the meter maids we called them "F'n assholes " seemed to cover everything nicely.If you do get towed they have a knack for bringing the vehicle to the impound yard furthest from where it was parked or it seems that way. UPS pays millions each year to NYC in fines
  24. The first and the last make sense. But, honestly, none of the rest do. "Lady from bristol = pistol"? Never would have guessed that in a month of Sundays.
  25. I didn't take it as an insult. As I noted: I figured it was a particular Aussie thing And now I understand, y'all have schooled me. The rhyming slang thing. I did not know that. As far as I know, there's little of the resentment SOME Canadians feel towards America in Australia. So, honestly, I never thought it was a slam. But I have seen anyone define "fair dinkum" yet. Or did Steven Irwin make that up? PM, it's got nothing to do with insults, it's purely rhyming with the word yank. Yank > Septic tank. Cheque > Gooses neck. Commodore > Dunnydoor. (A very popular car in Oz) Holden Commodore, made by GM. Or GMH to us.
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