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  1. Wombler

    James Brown

    That I can well believe. His band came on stage first and jammed, doing their own thing for quite a while before James came out and they were amazing to say the least. There was a huge saxophonist guy that particularly stands out in my memory as he was really letting it rip with some fantastic screaming sax. A lot of the screaming sax stuff in my mind is the forerunner to metal screaming guitar. If you listen to any screaming sax solo there virtually isn't anything you can't instantly imagine being played on lead guitar. I wonder what will happen to his band now though. Nemesis
  2. Wombler

    James Brown

    I was fortunate enough to see him perform live in 2004 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. We'd travelled from Northern Ireland specially to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and didn't know who the support act was. I couldn't believe it when the "support act" turned out to be James Brown!! He was a fabulous performer and the guys playing with him were absolutely fantastic musicians although I suppose you'd expect that from such an iconic artiste. I genuinely enjoyed James Brown's stint as much as the Chillis who were the band I'd primarily gone to see. Awesome concert. RIP James. Nemesis
  3. Wombler

    where's the TOC

    You seem to be saying you've only got a DVD ROM/CD-RW combo drive. If it's only a DVD ROM then it can't write DVDs. You'll need a DVD writer for this. Nemesis
  4. Wombler


    Wow! Crassness hits new levels. Astonishing! I did watch it though to find out. Nemesis
  5. Wombler


    No worries! Nemesis
  6. Wombler


    It'll depend on line conditions and distance from the exchange as to what speeds you get. Some users will be no better off than with ADSL on the other hand if you're right on top of the exchange you might get the full 24Mb/s. ADSL2+ is currently being trialled here in the UK although a few ISPs have installed their own equipment at exchanges and are offering limited coverage. Check out this link for some techie info (connection speed forecasts etc) for the UK implementation of ADSL2+ compared to Max ADSL. http://www.farina1.com/bookmark/000004/200...27/00020260.HTM Nemesis
  7. Wombler

    XBOX DL Iso's

    Cheers guys, I hadn't heard of that one. Shamus: You've preempted my next question before I'd even asked it! Nemesis
  8. Wombler

    XBOX DL Iso's

    For the benefit of the uninitiated (or the hard of thinking such as myself ) what does PTP/OTP stand for? Nemesis
  9. Wombler

    Issue with PowerDVD

    Actually I really like PowerDVD but I suppose everyone has their own particular favourites. The Eagle Eye video enhancement makes a dramatic difference and I like the way it can easily toggle the dynamic display of titlesets, chapter points and other information. I suppose it depends on what you're using it for though as to which you prefer. Nemesis
  10. Wombler

    Issue with PowerDVD

    Yeah I think you're probably right but it was the fact that it needed a patch to support XP that rang the alarm bells with me. This automatically suggests that there may be compatibility problems with XP that have since been rectified. If it works with the new version then well and good. If it doesn't then we'll continue diagnosis from there. Nemesis
  11. Wombler

    Issue with PowerDVD

    No problem. It may or may not be the answer to your problem though. Nemesis
  12. Wombler

    Issue with PowerDVD

    The current version of PowerDVD is 6.0. 3.0 is way way out of date. Perhaps that's part of your problem. Download the latest trial version and see if it works. http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/products/main_1_ENU.html Nemesis
  13. Wombler

    Time (duration) error

    Heh heh heh..... Nice one! Nemesis
  14. Wombler


    That's great LUK!, thanks. I'd been waiting for the bitsetting version of the firmware before upgrading to 1.08 so I've only just done this myself. The NEC's are indeed weird. They produce exceptionally high quality burns at 8x but as we've discussed before if you burn at 16x you get a PIE spike at 2.2Gb. If you burn at 12x with certain media you get a spike at 3.8Gb. These are normally not critical with regard to playback (except with borderline incompatible media) but in my mind are are certainly undesirable. I think I'll stick to the 8x discs at the moment although I might upgrade to the ND-4570A when the firmware has matured. BTW the PIE spikes coincide with the relinking points on the disc. The recent NEC drives monitor the write strategy across the entire disc and can alter strategies at various fixed points during the burn. This works extremely well with the slower speed discs hence the very high quality lower speed burns as each section of the disc is burnt with the optimum strategy. They haven't totally got their act together yet for the fastest burns though. Thanks again though. Very useful. Nemesis
  15. Wombler


    Sorry to pester you but you haven't forgotten about this by any chance have you? If it's too much hassle don't worry. Nemesis

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