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  1. DeXeS

    VIDIO_TS Burning in Queue Mode

    tell me of a better one please I didn't said there is a beter one.. Just thats its now a good burning prog, with this function even a better one . but he, it aint going to happen.. to bad.
  2. DeXeS

    VIDIO_TS Burning in Queue Mode

    Thats oke to! even beter
  3. DeXeS

    VIDIO_TS Burning in Queue Mode

    To bad . Thats the only thing the prog still is missing until its the ultimate burning prog! Isnt it possible to make with another program a small somesort of fake iso like bin en cue files (the cue redirects to the bin file) but then to a folder and then open that file in the queue mode... or something like that...
  4. DeXeS

    ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 Released!

    wow this tool rules! to bad there is no support (yet?) for queueing in buid mode...

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