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  1. I use Nero when I have to but its more fiddly insisting on multisession not finalising the disc ect imgburn is quick and easy to use and gets used much more Try making an imige with nero its messy, imgburn simple
  2. just thought I would mention it in case anyone else was having the same problem and could not work out why Still burns the disc ok as I don't go messing while its burning
  3. When I am burnung an image . Imgburn can't get a lock on the drive if Media Player (Vista) is running regardless of what mediaplayer is doing Strange
  4. I got the card cheap off ebay and had to flash the bios before it would reliably find the hard drive so thats not good. Strange that they should cause a problem they are signed drivers I hope that you apreciate knew this needed to go of the support forum and not the bug forum unlile most of the posts on that forum that are problems with discs or hardware setups and nothing to do with imgburn
  5. all that's on that drive is xp home upgraded with all the critical patches anf net framework avg free windows defender office 2003 I have put a sata card in it ( silicon image siI 3112 ) it since and its prolly that strange
  6. I thought a send to queue button on the build mode window would do
  7. I had to format then reinstall windows and on a clean system I am now getting this A certain other program tthat may are not have been written by the host of this forum comes up with a similar error also thing is you click on cancel and to error goes away and there is nothing in the log file if you change mode or exit the program it comes up again it worked fine before the format just most of the other stuff I use did not any thoughts
  8. seeing as I have never burned a duel layer dvd video disc what I would be looking for would be a simple implmentation of burning single layer video_ts folders taking the name from the folder above nothing more
  9. I know the queue linked to the write mode but you have already done the hard bit with the build iso mode it would be nice to be able to burn VIDEO_TS folders from the queue Just a thought the program is great as it is
  10. how have you set up your net work is it public or private if its private the security is more relaxed
  11. I am set as an administrator but it has been acting a bit odd what I have read about Vista is that most of the time Administrator accounts run in standard mode only changing as required Anyway I switched off UAP (it was driving me nuts) and no errors on imgburn close down
  12. on my setup it happens if you start imgburn then shut it with nothing else running
  13. Not really img burns fault (microsoft must have changed something) but when you click on the close button of img burn in vista beta 2 you get I dialog that comes up failed to set data for " just thought you should know
  14. would be a nice feature if its not too fiddly to set up otherwise bugger it btw the queue is the boss soon as I work out how to change my card details on paypall I will be donating
  15. maybe its the way imgburn work I am not sure but when you verify your burn all it does is verify that the disc can be read it does not check the disc against the image, well thre is no hard drive access anyway from the drive (external) where the image is Bex :b
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