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  1. tigerman8u

    Seagate buys Maxtor!

    In my experience most of Maxtor's problems seemed to be in their larger drives over 120 gb
  2. tigerman8u

    how do i convert my ps2 game to a iso file

    If you use Dvddecrypter use ISO read/write
  3. tigerman8u

    Now, HERE'S a candidate we can all agree on!

    "kirk" thank God I'm a country boy, for the national anthym
  4. tigerman8u

    Extracting audio from video?

    try using virtualdub mpeg2. load the file click on file>Save WAV this should extract the audio from the video
  5. tigerman8u

    Wilma Grows to Category 2 in Caribbean

    Now it's a catagory 5 and something about the strongest recorded
  6. tigerman8u

    Rocky Balboa

    I think alot of ppl will go to see this movie. I want to see it to see what happens in the end.
  7. tigerman8u

    The Fog

    I rented "The Fog" last weekend and watched it. I want to see the new one to see what it's like
  8. tigerman8u

    Where The HELL is EVERYONE !!

    kirk I got rid of cable tv and got dish network. I could of kept my cable internet but they raise the price if you don't get the package deal. I got dsl and here where I live my dsl is definitely faster than my cable. Glad to see all you men and ladies. You to jill
  9. tigerman8u

    Bush asks for permission

    bush's nephew's contribution what great political families we have here in the usa again
  10. tigerman8u

    Oh, well, THIS is great!

    @ jill what was it you were doing while away the other week. taking a nap. now we know what really happened with the mice
  11. tigerman8u

    Oh, well, THIS is great!

    IIRC on the news the other day the mice were missing for a couple of weeks.
  12. tigerman8u

    Where the fuck is everybody????

    Hi everybody. Haven't been on line much lately. Working keeping me busier than usual and my brother getting married today. See ya all later

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