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  1. ok. i could use imgburn for basically about anything i do w/some other programs. i would like to know how in build mode i can add the files i want w/out omitting them or including the ones i don't want. ie. i can't tell whether the files i want contain the material i want to add in build mode just by looking at the files in their folder or source. basically w/out breaking any of the forum rules, how can i distinguish which files make up the main title of a source i want to build and then burn? is there a way of doing this w/imgburn w/out the help of another program which selects the main title, creates an iso, n then having to burn it w/imgburn? in other words if i could avoid using another program by using imgburn alone for the same thing i'd rather do that.
  2. hi locoeng. i figured it would be difficult to do that w/imgburn. i'm going to play with this and do some trial n error, maybe at least i could get a starting point in build mode and take it from there. it won't hurt and if i could tweek it a bit here and there it will save me time in the long run. good to hear from you.
  3. dr_ml422

    multiple copies;

    HI LIGHTNING. everything's good w/this now. i just have to put second disc in and just wait until drive is ready, then just leave it alone and it'll do the auto-burn lovely. thanks.
  4. dr_ml422

    multiple copies;

    hi guys. imgburn's great. no problem until decided to make more than 1 copy. after 1st 1 is done it ejects the tray and asks for another writable media. i put the other blank in and press ok, or just let it go to automatic and either way i get a pop-up saying that media's not present or that my drive needs to be checked. i have no problem making 1 copy and then starting over and writing another 1, but when trying to use the multiple copies setting it won't go through. let me know if there's a method you guys recommend so i could resolve this issue. my burner's ok. i've checked it and the firmware is up to date.
  5. dr_ml422

    Use imgburn to burn existing vob files?

    hi. this is exactly what i've been dealing with. Imgburn is great especially when burning an ISO file. i also have windows xp. i know how to use the read and then write mode, however most of my videos need to be shrunk. i have shrnk 3.2 n that works beautifully. it creates ISO files. i also have 1click but it doesn't create ISO files. it creates the VIDEO_TS folder w/the vob,bup,and ifo files. i've converted this into an ISO file using Imgburn 1 time but it takes too long. anything i can do to save the copy using 1click as an ISO? if not what's the fastest way 2 convert into an ISO file using IMgburn. lastly if 1click can't make ISO file what freeware or other software can u recommend i use to shrnk and create ISO files.

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