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  1. Great analogy and reply. That UAC together with Windows Defender can sometimes be annoying with clearly non-sketchy stuff. Though it's very good, and a lot better than most, or at least having to find something that would in all honesty be that much better, or as smooth, non-invasive. I'm a proponent of built in apps made especially for the platform they're on. Happy New Year Guys 🥳
  2. Oh, I get it now. I was misunderstanding what enabling or disabling the UAC actually does. I thought having it on "never prompt" just meant less security, and not that it now sees you as Admin. This made sound simple to many, especially way advanced users as yourself, though leave it to Microsoft to not be more specific with this. They automatically want you to feel less safe by immediately saying "not recommended at all". Thank you for clarifying this for me. Turned out the drive was just a lil unhinged when I layed it flat from the vertical position. Now all is well. Happy New Year to you and all the guys!
  3. Yes I believe so. I think also when I lay it down horizontally from the vertical position, it may loosen up a cable etc...
  4. Looks like I fixed it for now. Must of been a loose cable. My PC is not Windows 11 ready. That's ok. I'm not going to sweat that right now. Just got it and it's doing just fine.
  5. That was my typo. Just 😧 drive. Is it dead? It opens etc...
  6. Hi LIGHTNING. Do you mean that it shouldn't prompt if you have UAC disabled? If UAC is enabled then the order is to prompt. Let me know because all of a sudden I'm getting this with a CD/DVD Rom drive that was just fine before. Thanks.
  7. @dbminter Hi long time. I'm just hanging in there with all this new Omicron Variant nonsense. I have an issue. I keep getting Device- Initialise0 Failed! Device: [0:0:0]. TEAC DV-28S-Y F.4A (DD:) (SATA) This drive will not be visible in the program. I tried giving it sharing privileges and still got this message. Do you have the cure? Thanks! Hope all is well.
  8. I think my USB Slim LiteOn opens to the right as well. Since it's a slim I just laid it down on top of my Tower which has 2 USB ports on there. Whoever is dealing with Piodata is a solid company. You're not going to get any run arounds from them. I take chances with companies etc... that sound honest and even look honest online. I even dabble with refurbished stuff sometimes as it's been put through the ringer, and at times is better than the original as when they warrant a cellphone. Glad you're doing fine now. Everyone reacts differently to the COVID-19. A relative of a friend couldn't handle it mentally and after she got better was sent to Bellevue.
  9. Hey how's everything? How's everyone been, including admin? Hope as fine as can be under the circumstances. This Cuomo opened NYS totally and it was hectic just walking around. Otn, I still have my LG Super Multi DVD Writer GH24 which I usually use for reading as it's still pinned to DVD-R book type. I also still have my Skin USB LiteOn which is still going strong. My writing drive is the Piodata which you can check out here along with other writing tools etc. https://www.runtechmedia.com/ Check it out and if you want give their DVD or Blu-ray discs a try. They carry quality goods compared to current name brand items.
  10. I totally agree with Chv3rOn. Skip PayPal and go directly to your bank. They'll take care of it pronto! Some people I know swear by PayPal, though I never did. Ebay neither. Take your time. Shop around. There are some really good burners out there besides LG. I only use mine to read as I posted earlier.
  11. Yeah next time make sure you read where it comes from because we're having a lot of issues with products from China as you may well know from the president's actions toward that whole situation. it happened to me that's why I'm speaking about this. I ordered a simple thing from Amazon one time and it took weeks to come because it was coming from mainland China.
  12. Why does everybody praise VLC as some kind of best video player if on more than one occasion I haven't been able to play simple and already updated MKV files especially with the subtitles? Even VSO's player was tearing on me with the MKV hevc video file the new format H .265. And I'm confused as to whether or not they're supporting mpc-hc anymore as some places have it as being supported and some places have it as it being dead as of 2017. MPC did straighten out and was handling almost everything you throw at it so maybe I need to give it another try. Let me know what's been working for you outside of VLC. Microsoft Movies & TV app is working very well they've updated the codex and it seems to be playing just fine. I checked some of my blank DVD + r dual layers that I had bought and for some reason towards the bottom of the stack there were some used ones that were very scratched up and everything which I found kind of strange. It seems as if they just dumped those into the stack and sold them to me that way because I don't remember ever going down there and scratching those things up. I had to go through 10 scratched up discs before I got to a brand new one. So that's something that I'm going to have to tell Amazon about and most likely not buy that brand anymore if it continues to do that. Does ConvertXToDVD include all the workings of a DVD like page cells etc...? ImgBurn will always come up with that end of the world pop-up because of no where to include the later break. What's the cure for this if any? No other software gives this issue. It just burns the DVD file and includes the break somehow. If there's a way to just burn dual layers without this end of the world and it be fine let me know. I can't even use ImgBurn as the burning software for say DVD-RB Pro etc... because it won't burn it. If there's ever an update it should be this here issue. Thanks.
  13. Media compatibility is a huge concern, and Ritek is very well known and used. My slim USB LITEON has been great, and they have a Blu-ray model. I know you don't like the slims, though for a couple of bucks it's worth trying out new ones. I just use my LG to read now that I have 2 burners that don't automatically bitset to DVD-R.
  14. Wow! You would think this is a national security issue or something! Lol!!! You are correct! No Blu-ray Writers by PIODATA, though their BD-R Discs seem to be quality product. https://www.piodata.com/t/categories/Blu-ray-Blank-Media Worth a look. I'm having to first get me a Blu-ray writer then blanks. You're LG NS60 is at the top of the list on some reviews believe it or not. Hope they fix that issue for you.
  15. Wow! LG doesn't seem to surprise anyone anymore with their antics. I have a question totally unrelated to this , though related to the forum. What does it mean when you sign into the forum and it asks you if you'd like ImgBurn to send you notifications? I get this all the time with all the sites and I never knew what it actually entails? Is it news, etc... etc... Thanks. Well if you can't use that NS40 just start looking for something different. I gave the PIODATA people a shot and it's been very good so far. They make bluray burners as well, and also sell Bluray blanks. Btw how have you been during all this madness? Everything was just fine with me until I cut my right pinky toe and filled half my apt. with blood! I kid you not! These finger and toe cuts bleed profusely tstl.
  16. Hey @dbminter how do I select particular drives to burn what's on my queue? I can set all drives to burn all images, though not know how to just set my two preferred drives for all queued images? Thanks.
  17. Yeah, wow! I'm done with LG as burners. I'll finish using mine as a reader. These burners are very particular to media. Since this already happened it's on them.
  18. Yes, if you're doing extra editing/authoring then everything changes. I have no problem with .mp4, though it has its limitations as well. Audio is limited I think to one track. I think not sure. Also, if using aac which is the preferred audio encoder with .mp4, you really have to know how to distribute the bitrate to get a really nice and loud playback. Also, aside from MPC HC, etc... not too many receivers do aac playback that well, especially 5.1 and above. Hence it's one reason I keep the .mp4 that are great, and convert the rest to .mkv with AC3. I've tested countless of each, and the AC3 to me is clearer and louder. It's all personal preference of course. Remember, there's always a reason why there's something new embraced. It's not always better, though what I'm referring to is mostly the new HEVC method. There's a great guide over at http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/VidCoder_Tutorial_page2.html regarding the VidCoder handbrake blood brother which breaks down the whole aac audio option. Your free to check it out. After using VidCoder it's almost improbable you'll continue with Handbrake. Everyone agrees Handbrake is a pita to tinker with. Even if for now I only play my files on my PC using my HDTV speakers, I keep the 5.1 audio if it's included in the original DVD etc... just in case I upgrade to nice sound system. I'll be ready with the source.
  19. VidCoder is the easy blood brother to Handbrake. Yes it does a great job, though the rip has to come first. Even with Handbrake, Vidcoder, if there's more than one title, or even separate vob files, it'll produce as many .mp4, .mkv, etc... You're old school for sure huh! Avi? It is still popular for w/e reason. Though after seeing the quality, smallest sizes, and the amount of audio, subtitles that .mkv and HEVC produce, it's almost impossible to use anything else. What I haven't done yet is burn a .mpg file to a DVD and see how it goes, if it'll play on a DVD player. It should. For a real clean rip outside of DVDFab, I use the time tested oldie 4Me, along with the predecessor to ImgBurn and Shrink. Even if the layer break is taken out or reduced, when or if you burn to DVD-9, another one has to be made, I think.
  20. I took the advice of the DVDVob2MPG author and have been converting several DVD movies into one .mpg file with all audio, subs, etc... You get continuous playback at the DVD level. This is also my tool for getting all the vobs from a VTS folder together so that after converting to say .mkv, .mp4, etc... I get one file and not 5 separate ones. Hence the apps that merge these when needed mostly do a good job when all audio, subs, video, have same specs. Which imo defeats the purpose of merging. I spent on 2 commercial apps thinking the merge was my answer without further reviewing the limitations. So basically I stick to my free app after converting to .mpg to get a whole single output. Even MakeMKV which is free and does a helluva job with either DVDs or Blurays, has that limitation where the output is several .mkv files. Though they do tend to have all the same specs they can be merged, but not everything comes over like the subs. If you're into Bluray it'll do the job of creating an exact .mkv file, though no encoding, so imo just better to use any of the known goodies and then if one wants, encode it with another known goodie. That break is annoying! Sometimes it's hardly visible. If the total length is say no more than 7GBs, then I use DVD-RB Pro which is the best I've used to transcode to DVD-5. I'm not updating my ConvertXToVideo until everything is ironed out. Mainly HEVC support.
  21. How good is the seamless option when actual play back occurs? Is it significantly more unnoticeable than a regular cell break? Thanks. One thing I've noticed is that whenever I've had "The end of the world" popup, I just used another app to burn it. I never really understood why ImgBurn wouldn't go and burn the DVD anyway. This is most needed when using ImgBurn in conjunction with another app like DVD RB Pro etc... When you set it to automatically burn with ImgBurn, you have to be present if it's a dual layer because of the break. Then if you get that "end of the world" popup you're done. @LIGHTNING UK! Hi. Have you ever considered fixing that so it'll just burn the DL anyway? Or is checking the seamless option the answer? There has to be a cell break for seamless to be implemented anyway correct? I see no real undesirable result when the DL is burned with or without "the end of the world" popup using something else. Thanks.
  22. Excuse the lateness, but yes they make internal BD burners. They're company statement or motto, is "quality for less". Just go to their site at PIODATA.COM. They also have DVD-R and BD-R discs for sale. No +R unfortunately. My DVD PIODATA is burning just fine and no -R bitsetting unless you want it via ImgBurn etc... Yes I agree something has changed with the Verbatim discs. Well just to let you know, I got a coaster at just 8x, so I put it at 4x and all well. Before that burn it did fine at 8x. I know that to be a stickler it should burn at all the posted speeds, though I'm giving them slack because of the source. Who knows. It's just DVD video. My slim LITEON has been excellent. There's different postings of it on Newegg etc... you have to go with the one with the most reviews. Also it doesn't bitset to -R. So my PIODATA and LITEON to burn my +R, and my LG for reading or -R. ImgBurn still out speeds my other burning app and great results. I would have to experiment with DVD video and it's hi-def counterpart like .mp4 or .mkv, and see if it's just that maybe when the player says no disc, it's just that it read the wrong folder first. Reason I say that is because something told me to give it another try on a disc I had, and it took it on the 2nd try. They're going to put ConvertXToVideo at 64 bit by year's end, and the new interface will be done next year. I need it! It has opyions I need sometimes like Merge, etc...
  23. @dbminter LG is a lost cause when you're trying to reason with them especially when they are wrong and they know it! Believe me when I brought up the issue about which This Thread is almost about, they plain flat out told me that they were not going to change their method of doing things, and that every burner from here on out was going to bitset to DVD-R. Just move on from them if you want an can. I did, and am most happy for it! I use them to mostly read as they are good readers in my experience, and my Liteon and PIODATA burners do the rest. I'm even buying a PIODATA Blu-ray burner as I now believe in them, and I'm also going to try out their Blu-ray discs. They don't offer DVD+R discs, just DVD-R, and I've grown to like +R. Just move on if you want and can.
  24. I'll have to see because right now we don't know how long the verbatim are going to stay good. I got these from Amazon. It's worth a shot atvl.
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