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    The image burned on the media tests

    Cool , A discovery image. This way every media type gets a fair chance. thank for the reply.
  2. dirio49

    Using Imgburn

    Double Posting, is not nice. it gets people like me who check forum often mad and it gets you nowhere.
  3. dirio49

    Zero filling harddrives

    So LUK, there is no chance of you releasing that program. so people can take it for a test run.
  4. dirio49

    Zero filling harddrives

    Is there any posssibility of you sharing that proggy? I tried once using Darik's Boot and Nuke. It's Ok but i got lazy and canceled it.
  5. dirio49

    Question about graph

    so the green and purple are the rpms!! Cool Thanks
  6. dirio49

    Question about graph

    Looking at the graph posted there is blue, purple yellow, and others? what does each color represent? thanks
  7. dirio49

    Buy 1, get none free!

    what about New GreatAZO 4X DVD+R ? what is this ? the first time I see it.
  8. dirio49

    SPLIP Flag?

    Hi Look here http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=661
  9. I attached how it looks. What I am thinking of , maybe making bigger to fit the whole white space. Maybe a seperate picture for image associated files. Thanks
  10. dirio49

    The Image associated with Imgburn files

    Sure, that be nice. Thanks
  11. dirio49

    The Image associated with Imgburn files

    what about if the apps picture is bigger and in higher resolution?
  12. dirio49


  13. dirio49

    That is so weird ( Burns)

    How can it be that burned with one drive it shows 0.0 % quality(benq) and in another one 96%? That is truly something. If not, it says thats the best media money can by P.S. Thanks LUK for these tests.
  14. dirio49


    i use opera here and there but for ads i used adblock plus in firefox works great you get no ads and plus there is an option to that the browser download the ad and it does not show it, this way the site you want to support, i think this is the best way, you get no ads and the site gets its money. because the server thinks that you have seen the banner or link peace
  15. dirio49


    fair enough and you are right about using ie only for windows update, that's all i use it for, because most of the time it is not allowed to go online (blocked by the firewall) I for one see no point in using ie it is slow and with the new updates it keeps on asking you that this site has axctive compontes do you what to allow them. this is a pain to me.
  16. dirio49


    you cannot compare them so easily ie has more years that has been developed. and plus i get no spyware with firefox in ie you are bound to get some no matter what.
  17. dirio49

    Folder drop selection

    First I have to say that i love the queue function and the ability to just add folders. Thanks One suggestion that I have is that in that folder people might have images that they already burned and don't want to burn again. So when a person drops a folder the program could put a window that the person can select which ones to add to the queue. if at all possible. Again, thanks for this great program. tory
  18. dirio49

    Folder drop selection

    Thanks for the reply. no problem Great program Thanks
  19. dirio49

    DVD Format

    right click on the drive and it says erase disc, full and quick, same as format full is for the first time you format quick it you have already formated the disc
  20. dirio49


    Firefox has this option too, but you need to install a extension(tabmixplus) as for internet explorer haven't used it in ages. Middle clicking on the tab bar, open back the tabs that you have close, one at a time.
  21. dirio49

    Family DVD Copying

    Is it going to on christmast day? Like a present to all.

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