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ready (disc needs formatting) message with a bd-re disc


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lightning uk: long time since i've posted here....mostly because i haven't needed any help....trying to burn a bd-re disc....i receive a ready (disc needs formatting message) in the left hand corner of image burn....how do i format this disc....vista won't do it....i have nero 8 with bd burning capablities, supposedly that has the ability to format...but i haven't found that option in that program...and the only thing that program does when i try to use the erase option is to spit out the disc, just like windows vista format does.......


the good news is i'm able to burn a bd-r 25 gig bd disc successfully......thanks lighting uk for your wonderful program....


but tell me how can i format a bd-re disc with image burn? or if necessary with another program? i've tried numerous google attempts...and none have listed a concise and precise way to format a bd-re disc so that i can use it in image burn....


many thanks in advance for any and all help....mukooh

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