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Audio CD from MP3 files - song titles

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I am impressed by IMGBURN's ability to create conventional audio CDs from MP3s stored on the PC hard drive.


I usually do this by creating the CUE file from within imgburn, and making use of the "direct to write queue" facility.


The only problem is that so far I have been unable to propagate the names of the songs (which in this case are the same as the MP3 filenames), such that, for example, they would be visible when playing the resulting CD on the computer with Windows Media Player (which they are for commercially recorded CDs), and presumably, would be visible when played on a modern CD player which displays this information (I only have an older one which does not, but of course, may upgrade one day. I also give away CDs I have burned to other people from time to time).


I have tried various things when creating the CUE file without success. What fields do I need to set to pick up the song titles from the filenames automatically?





I just tried this again to refresh my memory. I used "write image to disc", then "create CUE file".


I opened a folder with the required MP3s in, and selected them all, let them be analysed, then saved the CUE file.


Before I saved the file, I tried selecting a few songs, and it displayed (in grey), the names of the songs in the CD text box. I didn't seem to be able to select the "filename" button (I thought in the past I had been able to, but I can't remember how). Anyway, I thought the fact that it showed the filenames, even if greyed out, might mean it would be ok.


This is the beginning of the CUE file:


TITLE "Plays Bach"

PERFORMER "Jacques Loussier"

FILE "01 - Fugue No. 5 In D Major.mp3" MP3



TITLE "Fugue No. 5 In D Major"

PERFORMER "Jacques Loussier"

INDEX 01 00:00:00


....and so on. I have just noticed the attach this file option, so I've attached the whole CUE file.




Thank you.

Jacques Loussier - Plays Bach.cue

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Thanks for the quick reply. However, the same WMP (same computer) _does_ display song titles (as well as album title, and performer) for commercially recorded audio CDs.


So there must be a difference between those, and what I am producing.


(By the way, I just repeated the create CUE file part of the exercise, to re-refresh my memory, and its only when I highlight the session (or was it disk?) line that the "filename" button is blanked out.


When I highlight a song title, all buttons are visible. (If I then click on filename, it retains the song title, but omits the performer). Seems like "tag" is the most useful option, which is why it is the default I suppose.


I assume that the "tag" is some special property of the audio file.


(I just tried creating a CUE file using EAC, from a commercially recorded audio CD, and the resulting CUE file hadn't picked up the CD title, performer, or song titles. Just wondering if WMP is doing something special. Sorry if this is a complete red herring).




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WMP will download song data from the internet for discs that match up to something in its database.


If you make one up yourself, obviously it won't be in said database and so WMP can't display anything.


This is where CD-TEXT comes in as it's stored physically on the disc... but as I said in my previous reply, WMP doesn't support it.


If you install the plugin I linked you to, WMP will/can then read CD-TEXT from the disc and will use that info when it doesn't get any hits from the database.


'Tag' is A.K.A 'ID3 Tag' (and other tags along the lines of the ID3 Tag). You can Google for more info on that.

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WMP & database: Ah, ok, I see what you mean.


So tags/ID3 are distinct from CD-text then. I hadn't appreciated that.


Thanks for the WMP plugin download. Am about to try that.



(Then again, EAC is supposed to match up CDs from whatever internet database, and it apparently couldn't, for this commercially recorded CD I just tried; It's also supposed to read CD-text when creating CUE files. I read somewhere that commercial CDs are supposed to come with CD-text, but maybe that isn't the case, or always the case. Either way, it hasn't so far produced anything meaningful from the commercial CDs I've tried it with. Not your problem obviously though).


I'll see what the plugin does. Thanks again.

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Belatedly thanks again. The WMP plugin worked fine.


Have now confirmed that I can create CUE files from downloaded MP3s, and also from WAV files that I have generated myself (e.g. from recorded internet radio), which ultimately generate the desired CD-TEXT.

(With MP3s I use the tags; with the WAV files, I use the filename, then change to custom and type in the performer. That feature is quite neat).



Yes, have now figured out how to configure EAC (when reading a commercially produced CD) to use CD Text (and/or UPC/ISRC) to generate a CUE sheet, and also how to get freedb info for the CD.


I am not sure if it combines info from all these sources to generate the CUE sheet. However, I have noticed that some commercial CDs either do not have CD-TEXT or it is not complete. However, if I tell it to get info from freedb (as well as having the CD-TEXT/UPC/ISRC options all enabled, the resulting CUE has all the necessary information, so that's all fine (however it does it...).


Thanks again.

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Very few CDs have CD-TEXT. There's probably only a few publishers/manufacturers/labels (or whatever they're known as) that add that info.


'Columbia' is one of them. I believe 'Columbia' is under the Sony parent company, and CD-TEXT was Sony's idea so that would make perfect sense!

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